• Chana Kurkure Namkeen

    Have you tried Chana Khokle Namkeen? Chana Khokle Namkeen are very crispy and taste awesome. During my childhood Chana Khokle Namkeen was made frequently in my home. Let us prepare Chana Khokle Namkeen.

  • Dalmoth Namakeen/Chana Dal Namkeen Recipe

    You must surely like fried Namkeen made from Moth beans or Chana(yellow gram)/Moong(mung bean) dal. These can be made at home without much difficulty.

    Both Chana dal or Moong dal Namkeen is made in a similar manner.Fry both dals, but Dalmot is not made from Moth dal instead it is made from whole Masoor dal(not peeled). Agre ki Dalmot is made from whole Moth Namkeen with thin strips of flour Sev. Personally i like Moth dal more without the Sev.

  • Besan Masala Sev Recipe

    There are different types of Besan Sev available in the market. This is made from various spices, lentils and flour. But crispy Besan Masala Sev made from Besan and spices has a unique taste. You can make it very easily at home too. Today we will prepare Namkeen Besan Sev.

  • Aloo Bhujia Sev Recipe

    Aloo Bhujia Sev has a different taste compared to all Namkeens. There are various ways to prepare Aloo Bhujia Sev namkeen, like

    Aloo and gram flour mixed
    Aloo, gramflour and Moth flour mixed
    Aloo, gramflour and rice flour mixed

    All Aloo Bhujia's have a distinct taste from one another, but the process used in making them is similar. You can make Aloo Bhujia Sev with the ingredients that are available to you. Today we will prepare Aloo Bhujia Sev with Aloo and gram flour mixed together.

  • Maida Namkeen Cubes Recipe

    We have made Namakpare in our last post. Today we will make Maida Nanmkeen Cubes at home. The method to make Maida Cubes are similar to that of Namakpare. The taste of Namakpare and Maida Cubes is almost same. But as cubes are thick one can find slight change in the taste as compared to namakpare. So lets make Maida Namkeen Cubes today.

  • Paneer Tikka Recipe

    What do you make when you feel like having something special for dinner? Personally i like Paneer Tikka very much.Instead of preparing it in a Tandoor i find it more easy to cook it directly on a Tawa(flat pan). So lets prepare Paneer Tikka on a Tawa.

  • Palak Soya Granule Cutlet

    Cutlets made with spinach and soya chunks will be liked by all. They can be served in breakfast as well as starter in any party. Deep fry or shallow fry them, in both ways they taste awesome.

  • Kaju Badam Poha Namkeen Recipe

    If you are in search of a delicious yet easy to make Namkeen then Kaju Badaam Poha Namkeen is the answer to your prayers...

  • Potato Sev Recipe

    You can make Potatao Sev in two ways. One you can dry grated boiled potatoes or you can add gram flour in the boiled potatoes and fry them to make aloo bhujiya. You can store the dry grated boiled potatoes and fry them to eat whenever you like.

  • Palak Namak Pare Recipe

    Namak pare made with spinach are crispy and tasty to eat. These can be prepared for any festival or anytime you feel like.

  • Vegetable Poha Recipe

    Everyone relish eating Veg poha prepared with slightly crunchy peas, other vegetables and soft flattened rice (poha) in breakfast.

  • Kothimbir Vadi Recipe - Pitaur Style

    Kothambir vadi is prepared in various ways but people prefer eating kothambir vadi cooked in steam. Gram flour, coriander leaves and sesame seeds mixture is cooked in steam like that of dhokala and then sliced and fried. This ways kothambir vadi turns out to be more delicious.

  • Methi Ke Gatte Recipe

    Methi ke Gatte is a zero-oil delicious breakfast recipe. Have you ever tried it ?

    Rajasthani Besan Gatte is a very popular recipe. You can make this recipe dry or with curry. Besan Gatta Rice Pulav is also a popular Rajasthani Recipe, mostly liked by everyone. Lets make Methi Gatte Recipe for the breakfast today.

  • Potato Chips Recipe - Potato Crisp

    Everyone is fond of Crispy Potato Chips and no one can eat just one. Once it touches your taste bud, you get keen to have another.

    Potato Chips can be made in 2 ways:

    Dried Potato Chips - Dry boiled Potato chips in the Sun and fry them whenever you want to eat.
    Spicy Potato Chips - These are made without boiling the Potatoes. Potatoes are cut into chips and fried.

    Today we will make Spicy Potato Chips without boiling the Potatoes.

  • Sabudana Khichdi

    Sabudana khichdi is usually consumed during fasting. It takes very less time to make this tempting khichdi. Boiled potatoes and coarsely ground peanuts enhance the flavor of this scrumptious khichdi. You can have this khichdi at as light breakfast as well apart from just having them in fasts.

  • Bhein ka Tikka Recipe

    Lotus Stem(Kamal Kakdi) Koftas are no doubt are very tasty, but you can also try Lotus Stem Nuggets. These nuggets can be taken with morning and evening tea. Small sized nuggets are tastier than large-sized one. Lets make Lotus Stem Nuggets today .

  • Sabudana Namkeen

    As we all know that special Namkeen are available for people who observe fasts. You can buy these special namkeen consumed in fasting from the market or can even prepare them at home. It can be made easily at home and will definitely be more good than the namkeen available in the market.

    Namkeens eaten in fasts can be made in various ways. You can use peanuts and sago (sabudana) to make namkeen. You can add any kind of mewa as er your taste and preference into it to enhance its taste. Just prepare the namkeen one day and eat it for all 9 days of the fasting. I am sure you will definitely like it.

  • Muskmelon Seeds Namkeen Recipe

    Namkeen prepared with melon seeds is different is taste and can be prepared instantly. This can also be prepared for fast (vrats).

  • Crispy Okra

    Spicy-zingy kurkuri Bhindi is served with chapatti, naan or rice. In fact you can serve them as a snack/appetizer. The okra chunks are marinated with spices and gram flour and then deep fried till crispy and crunchy. Even those who don’t relish eating Bhindi will love these for sure.

  • Besan Pare

    Namak pare made with all purpose flour (maida) are often liked by everyone. If you don’t like using maida, then besan pare is what you will like more. Besan pare are made with gram flour and wheat flour which are awesome in taste. Serve them with morning tea and supper as snacks. Kids will too like eating them