• Jalebi Recipe

    All people are fond of hot jalebi. It is made from white flour and rice powder. But we find jalebi made from dry fruits in some of the towns of Madhya Pradesh. Jalebi made at home are even more tasty. Today we will prepare the jalebi made from maida.

  • Rabri Recipe – Rabari or Rabadi Recipe

    Rabri or Rabadi and Khurchan is mostly loved in North India. Khurchan of Khurja and Mathura's Rabri have amazing taste and is the best dessert to have after dinner. You can eat it with Malpua (मालपुआ), Jalebi( जलेबी) and Imarti. Lets make Rabri today.

  • Meethi Mathari Recipe

    You can prepare Meethi Mathri during the festival of Holi or any other festival. Meethi(Sweet) Mathris taste awesome when you eat them.
    Sweet Matrhi is also prepared for fasts during Karva Chauth . These Meethi Mathri when expanded into the size of paranthas are called Matthe. Big sized Matthe filled in baskets are given on weddings as Shagun which is distributed in the groom's house. These Matthe are also very tasty. Meethi Mathris are very easy to make and also consumes very less time. So let us start the preparation.

  • Jam Doughnuts Recipe

    Doughnuts are made with numerous ways but round, soft, cardamom and powdered sugar sprinkled and jam stuffed doughnuts are mouth drooling and awesome in taste. Use any flavored jam or jelly or marmalade like pomegranate, apple, orange or capsicum marmalade for stuffing.

  • Mawa Jalebi Recipe - Khoya Jalebi Recipe

    All people are fond of hot jalebi. It is made from white flour and rice powder. But we find jalebi made from dry fruits in some of the towns of Madhya Pradesh. Jalebi made at home are even more tasty. Today we will prepare the jalebi made from maida.

  • Bengali Chum Chum recipe | Cham-Cham Recipe

    Chamcham is a traditional Bengali mithai. It is prepared with freshly prepared chena. After boiling Chamcham cool it completely and stuff it with your favorite filling. Chamcham is more delicious then normal rasgullas.

  • Sweet Fara/Sweet Pittha Recipe

    You will definitely like the traditional taste of Sweet Fara/Sweet Pittha. So let us prepare it ourselves.
    While wheat flour, Suji, rice or these mixed together is required to make Namkeen Fara Pittha and it is filled with lentils or vegetables, Sweet Fara/Sweet Pittha is made solely from rice flour and is filled with Mawa(dried milk) and dry fruits.

  • Boondi Recipe

    You need a perforated spoon to make Boondi. The size of the spoon plays an important role in forming the size of the Boondi. Gram Flour is the next important ingredient to make boondi.
    Dry Boondi can also be used in many forms like for making boondi raita, home-made namkeen etc. But today we are making Sweet Boondi i.e Boondi dipped in sweet syrup.

  • Gulgule Pua Recipe Sweet Pua

    Gulgule Pua or Sweet Pua Recipe is a very easy one. In western Uttar Pradesh this is the first dish that a new bride cooks in the house. These Sweet Puas are also prepared during Pujas or religious rites. While Mal Pua is a bit flat, Gulgule Pua is in the shape of a Pakoda. If you have a sweet tooth then you will surely like these sweet Gulglue Puas.

  • Rava Ladoo - Rawa Ladoo - Sooji Ka Laddo - Suji Ke Ladoo

    So, what are you making this diwali? Presenting you Semolina mawa ladoo in the list of sweet dishes prepared during deepawali. Try making these ladoo and store them for up to 15 to 20 days.

  • Jaggery Adhirasam Recipe - Gur Anarsa Recipe

    anarse do appear like anarsas but are very much different in taste from them, but you will surely love their flavor. For making plain anarsas you need all the preparations done two days before, but maida-besan anarse can be prepared instantly and easily. Make anarsas whenever you feel like.

  • Til Atta ke Laddu Recipe

    Sesame seeds sweets are loved by everyone in winters. They are tasty and keep our bodies warm. Winter is here and Sankranti (a national festival of India, celebrated in January) is near.
    Sesame seeds ladoos and daal ke mangode are traditional foods prepared on Sankranti. Let’s make Sesame seeds Ladoo!

  • Khas Khas Halwa recipe

    Halwa made with poppy seeds is nutritious and also provides warmness and strength. Khus khus halwa is given to new mother so that it provides strength and improves the health as well. Do prepare khus khus halwa during winters.

  • Chiroti Recipe

    Chirote is crusty sweet snack recipe. These are delectable and appetizing. This Maharashtrian recipe can be prepared for any special occasion or festival.

  • Besan ki Barfi Recipe

    No festival or any special occasion id complete without sweets. Use gram flour (besan), ghee, dry mawa and sugar for making instant and yummy besan barfi.

  • Mango Rabdi Recipe - Aam Ki Rabri Recipes

    Summer season is best known for mangoes. In this summer season, we’ll make lachedar Mango rabdi. The tantalizing taste of Mango mixed in milk lumps and lache will be liked by all for sure. This can be served in any occasion as a dessert.

  • Milk Powder Gulab Jamun

    Gulab Jamun is one of the most loved sweet dishes. Usually Gulab jamun are prepared with mawa but at few places mawa is not easily available, so gulab jamun can be prepared with milk powder. Gulab jamun prepared with milk powder are as soft, tender and delicious as prepared with mawa.

  • Parwal Sweet Recipe

    The sweet made with Parwal (Pointed Gourd) is very delicious in taste and commonly made in North India. You can make this sweet in the festivals like Holi, Diwali or any party taking place at your home. Lets make Parwal sweet today.

  • Rawa Sweet Kachori Recipe

    Sweet Kachoris is one of the famous recipes of Agra. They are very soft and melt in the mouth. Kids specially love it and so do the elderly with no teeth. In olden times it was also called Madan Deepak Kachori. This Rakhi do add Sweet Kachori to your list of recipes.

  • Gujiya dipped in Sugar Syrup – Gujhiya Recipe

    Have you made Ghujiya for the Holi? I wrote about simple Mawa Ghujiya in my last post.
    You can dip the Mawa Ghujiya in sweet syrup also. The ingredients require to make it is similar to that of Simple Ghujiya recipe. Recipe to make chandrakala is as similar as that of Ghujiya. The difference lies in the filling and the shape of it. But chandrakala is not much preferred nowadays. We will make Chandrakala some other time. But today we will make Ghujiya dipped in sugar syrup.