• Besan Wali Shimlamirch recipe

    Capsicum made with gram flour is very delicious and is prepared instantly and with ease. It one of the best Sabzi that can be packed in tiffin boxes. Serve this Sabzi as side dish.

  • Pumpkin Fry Recipe

    Most of us don't like eating pumpkin sabzi, but if you'll make pumpkin with following recipe the recipe then you'll like it for sure. In Northern India, pumpkin sabzi is consumed with poori and it taste really scrumptious. So, let's make pumpkin sabzi today.

  • Dahi Bhindi Recipe

    Okra is one of the vegetable liked by kids a lot and can be prepared with numerous styles. Okra prepared along with curd taste really scrumptious and has a different taste as well. So, let’s prepare Okra with curd.

  • Bitter Gourd Recipe

    The Bitter Gourd (Karela) is naturally bitter in taste. But Masaledar Karela loses its bitter taste after being cooked. In fact the preparation tastes absolutely delicious. If you are planning for a journey, then you can pack Karela and Puri for lunch. The best thing about this vegetable is that you can keep it for 3-4 days without refrigerating it. So lets prepare Karela (Bitter Gourd) Fry today.

  • Kurkuri Bhindi - Crispy Okra

    Spicy-zingy kurkuri Bhindi is served with chapatti, naan or rice. In fact you can serve them as a snack/appetizer. The okra chunks are marinated with spices and gram flour and then deep fried till crispy and crunchy. Even those who don’t relish eating Bhindi will love these for sure.

  • Sookhe Kale Channe recipe

    Sookhe Kale Channe is prepared for Ashtami Pooja or Navratri Pooja, Sookhe Kale Channe, Suji Halwa and Puri are prepared as Prasad for the Poojas.
    Sookhe Kale Channe are very tasty to eat, are high on protein and fiber and very nutritious. You can have them any day for breakfast, co let us prepare Sookhe Kale Channe.

  • Parval Korma Recipe

    Parval Kurma Curry is much liked in Bengal and Orissa. In Orissa, Parval Korma is a must for any dinner party. It is made with or without potatoes. You should make Parval Korma, you will surely love the taste.

  • Aloo Dhania Fry Recipe

    We often use green coriander for seasoning gravies or Sabzi, but Sabzi made from green coriander also come out very tempting, especially with potatoes. Green coriander is available in winters in abundance. So today we will make aloo dhaniya Sabzi (potato coriander fry).

  • Aloo Gajar Sabzi

    No one likes to eat the potato recipe daily. Do you eat carrot and potato recipe? Let's today we prepare the Potato and carrot recipe.

  • Jackfruit Bharta Recipe

    If you prefer the unique taste of jackfruit then you will definitely like Jackfruit Bharta. Today we will prepare Jackfruit Bharta.

  • Raw Papaya Fry Recipe

    Raw Papaya is a great source of vitamins and nutrition. We can make curry recipes, salads, and parantha (Raw Papaya Parantha) from raw papaya. But i am sue you will also like the dry recipe made with raw papaya - Raw Papaya Fry.

  • Baingan Katri Recipe

    Baingan katri or baingan achari can be served as side dish or as snack. You’ll like it in both ways.

  • Palak Aloo Bhujia

    Spinach is very beneficial for health because it is consist of Iron and menerals. You can cook and eat it any form. The spinach and potato recipe is delicious.

  • Raw Banana Fry Recipe

    Now a days, you may not get much vegetables in the market but raw Bananas will available in the huge amount. You can make different recipes from raw bananas such as Raw Banana Tikka Curry, Raw Banana Kofta Curry and Raw Banana Fry Recipe. Here, we are telling you the recipe of raw banana fry. This is the recipe which takes less time and less efforts

  • Annakoot for Goverdhan Puja

    Annakoot curry is prepared on the next day after Diwali for Annakoot-Goverdhan Pooja as prasad. At this time new vegetables are available in the market like cauliflower, peas, carrots etc..to start eating these vegetables Annakoot curry is prepared..

    Take a little of all the vegetables available in the market to prepare Annakoot curry, many shop keepers also sell these vegetables in packets. This curry is first offered to the deity then later it is distributed to all in the form of prasad. In North India this prasad is made in all of the temples and mostly homes. So let us prepare Annakoot today.

  • Potato Stuffed Chilli Peppers

    Less spicy and thick potato stuffed green chilly is very pleasing in taste. Serve potato stuffed green chilly with chapatti, parantha or rice you’ll like it for sure.

  • Besan Gatta Fry

    Besan Gatte is one of the most popular Rajasthani recipe. You can make dry Besan gatta or make it with curry, in both the ways it tastes delicious. Lets make something new today - Besan Gatte Fry Recipe.

  • aloo Bhujia With Kachori Recipe

    Kachori bhujiya is a traditional recipe of Bihar. This tempting and crusty kachoris made with wheat flour and served with black pepper flavored potato bhujiya can be prepared on any holiday as special breakfast.

  • Broccoli Fry Recipe

    The broccoli is beneficial for health. It is anti cancer and anti accident. It is enrich with vitamin c and Iron. It provides minerals and insulin that helps to normalise the blood pressure. You can prepare it according to Indian taste. Let's prepare broccoli fry.

  • Raw Banana Bharta Recipe

    We have prepared ample number of recipes using raw banana be it Kofta curry, tikka curry or banana chips. Today we will make raw banana bharta.