Halwa Recipe

Halwa is an Indian sweet dish, which is popular in India. You can make many different type of Halwa like Sooji ka halwa, Petha Halwa, Kaddu Halwa, Lauki ka Halwa, Aloo Ka Halwa, Moong Dal Halwa, Atta Halwa, Khas Khas ka Halwa, Cheekoo Halwa, Chana Dal Halwa, Suji Ka Halwa, Millet Flour Halwa, Strawberry Halwa, Gajar Halwa, Besan Halwa, Bread Halwa, etc. It does not take too much time to make any type of Halwa at home. You can get the process to make any type of Halwa and required ingredients, here.

  • Bread Halwa Recipe

    You can use any quality of bred to make Halwa. Take maida or wheat bread any of the quality that you like. You can also use multigrain bread. Every quality has its own unique taste.

  • Vermicelli Halwa - Semaiya halwa

    Take out the roasted vermicelli on a plate. The ghee will be left out in the pan as vermicelli do not absorbs much ghee. Pour 3 times water of the vermicelli and boil it. (Pour 3 cup water for 1 cup vermicelli).

  • Groundnut Halwa Recipe

    Pour Ghee in a frying pan(kadhai) and heat, fry ground nut paste in Ghee(you need to continuously stir the paste while frying as it tends to stick to the base instantly). As soon as good aroma emits from the Halwa add Mawa and fry, turn off the gas after Halwa turns light brown.