Khichdi Recipe

Khichdi is basically made of Rice and Dal in normal days but any special occasion we can make the different type of khichdi like Sabudana khichdi, Bajre Bhat, Bajra Khichdi, Vegetable Khichdi, Samvat Rice Vrat Rice, etc. You can get all the Khichdi recipes, process to make khichdi, required ingredients and quantity of ingredients.

  • Vegetable Khichdi Recipe

    Khichadi is normally made of rice and pulses and is easily digestible. But you can also add vegetables to it to make it more nutritious and tasty. It is very easy to make Khichadi at home. Its a very healthy food for health.

  • Bajre ka Bhat Recipe

    Cook Bajra(millet) rice at least once during the winter season. Preparing Bajra rice requires a lot of your hard work and time.

  • Bajra Khichdi Recipe

    Recipes prepared from Bajra gives you energy and strength to bear the winter season. This can be eat for healthy food and healthy health for better than junk foods in winter seasons.

  • Maheri Recipe

    Maheri can be prepared with wheat, millet or broken rice. We are making millet maheri. The method is same for maheri made from other ingredients.

  • Sabudana Khichdi in Microwave Recipe

    Khichdi can be prepared with both of these pearls. If you are making khichdi with small sago pearls then soak it for 1 hour, but if you are using big granules for making khichdi then soak it for 7-8 hours. Sago pearls are easily available almost all.

  • Moong Dal Dalia Recipe

    It is very good for heaalth. When you are having an uneasy feeling in your stomach prepare Moong dal dalia and eat, it will make you feel better.

  • Dalia Recipe

    Broken wheat pulao is very nutritious and an easily digestible meal. It's liked alike by both children as well as adults. It will be tastes like vegetable pulao we eat.

  • Sabudana Khichdi Recipe

    Sago (Sabudana) Khichadi is usually made in fasts. Today we will prepare Sago Khichadi, that you and your family members can eat in your fasting days.

  • Samvat Rice Vrat Rice Recipe

    People who observe fasts during navratri can eat Sama Rice or Samvat Rice. Sama rice are small in size compared to regular quality of rice and eaten during fasting days. Also it will be good for health to eat.