Vegetable fry is a Chinese cooking technique, in which vegetables are fried in a small amount. But in India, vegetable fry is a common thing, it cooked at every house. You can make various type of tasty vegetable fry like Kundru ki sabzi, Matar Chole, Gawar Phali Fry, Ganth Gobi Fry, Aloe Vera sabzi, Arbi ka Bharta, Kair Sangri Sabzi, Arbi Patra Fry, Kachnar Kali, Gobi Bhurji, Moong Dal Stir Fry, Potato Spicy Turnips Fry, Golden Crispy Arbi, etc. and also get the process to make sabji.

  • Jackfruit Bharta Recipe

    If you prefer the unique taste of jackfruit then you will definitely like Jackfruit Bharta. Today we will prepare Jackfruit Bharta.

  • Achari Bhindi Recipe

    Achari bhindi prepared with pickle spices with spicy and tantalizing taste is relished by all. This sabzi can be prepared instantly and easily.

  • Aloo Beans Recipe

    Beans are rich source of proteins and iron. It is not only high in nutritional content but also tastes good. So lets make Potato Beans Recipe today.

  • Sengri Mangodi Sabzi- Radish Pod with Mangodi

    We often make numerous sabzi from Sengri or Moongra during winters. In Rajasthan Sengri mangodi sabzi prepared with moong dal mangodi is relished the most by all.

  • Palak Paneer Bhurji Recipe

    Palak Paneer Bhurji is a famous recipe amongst the highway dhabas. This dish will surely become a favourite with you and your family.

  • Besan Gatta Fry

    Besan Gatte is one of the most popular Rajasthani recipe. You can make dry Besan gatta or make it with curry, in both the ways it tastes delicious. Lets make something new today - Besan Gatte Fry Recipe.

  • Aloo Dhania Fry Recipe

    We often use green coriander for seasoning gravies or Sabzi, but Sabzi made from green coriander also come out very tempting, especially with potatoes. Green coriander is available in winters in abundance. So today we will make aloo dhaniya Sabzi (potato coriander fry).

  • Paneer Kolhapuri

    Paneer kohlapuri is a tarty sabzi prepared with ground spices, coconut and fresh soft paneer in spicy gravy. This can be served with chapatti or rice.

  • Chilli Paneer Recipe

    Chinese recipes have come all the way from China and created it own distinct flavour, here in India. Chilly Paneer is a tasty and nutritious recipe, its an Indian form of a Chinese recipe. You can have it as a starter or as a side dish with your meal. Chilly Paneer can also be eaten along with Veg chow mein or fried rice. You will like it in any way.

  • Bhindi masala in microwave Recipe

    Bhindi sabzi is prepared instantly on flame but it can be made more quickly and easily in microwave. Today we'll prepare bhindi in microwave.

  • Masaledar Arbi

    Masaledar Arbi can be prepared in many occasions to add a little spice to your meals. Masaledar Arbi will be definitely liked by your family members, especially if they are fond of spicy food.

  • Raw Papaya Fry Recipe

    Raw Papaya is a great source of vitamins and nutrition. We can make curry recipes, salads, and parantha (Raw Papaya Parantha) from raw papaya. But i am sue you will also like the dry recipe made with raw papaya - Raw Papaya Fry.

  • Broccoli Fry Recipe

    The broccoli is beneficial for health. It is anti cancer and anti accident. It is enrich with vitamin c and Iron. It provides minerals and insulin that helps to normalise the blood pressure. You can prepare it according to Indian taste. Let's prepare broccoli fry.