Burfi Recipe

Apart from the Halwas and Ladoos, Barfi is one of the most famous Indian sweets. Barfi is easy to make at home in just a few times. Here lots of options to make the different type of Barfies. You can make different type of Barfi at your home like Besan Barfi, Halwasan, Urad Dal Pinni, Milk Cake, Kalakand, Coconut barfi, Til Peanuts Barfi, Chocolate Barfi, Kaju Paneer burfi, Pumpkin Barfi, Mango Burfi, Moong Dal Barfi, Kesar burfi, Lauki Burfi, Til Atta Barfi, etc. You can get the process to make Barfi and can get the required ingredients.

  • Til Atta Barfi Recipe

    Roasted sesame seeds until they turn slightly brown and puffy. If overcooked they may taste bitter.
    Stir the flour constantly while roasting.
    Cook sugar syrup until it gets setting consistency. Add half the amount of water than sugar as it takes very less time to dissolve the sugar. Within 1-2 minutes, after sugar dissolves, sugar syrup gets ready.

  • Dalia Burfi

    Take put Dalia on a plate and clean it.
    Pour 2 tsp Ghee in a frying pan(kadhai) and fry Dali till it turns light brown. Put Dalia in milk and boil(put milk and Dalia in the cooker and boil till 1 whistle goes off.

  • Kalakand Recipe

    Take 2 deep heavy vessel and pour 1 ltr. milk in both the vessels. Put the vessels on the stove and let the milk in both the vessels boil.

  • Dhania Barfi Recipe

    Heat ghee in a pan, add coriander powder and on medium flame cook for 3-4 minutes until you get aroma out of it. Take out the roasted coriander powder in a bowl.

  • Kesar burfi recipe


    For making mawa from milk powder, keep stirring it constantly. Keep the flame. You get a very delicious burfi ready.
    Time - 40 minutes

  • Til Dry Fruits Burfi Recipe


    You can use any other dry fruits as per your taste and skip the use of ones you don;t like eating.
    Quantity of jaggery can be increased or decreased as per your taste.

  • Til Gur Patti Recipe

    Heat a heavy broad surface pan over a flame and put the sesame seeds in it. Roast the seeds on medium flame until they are brown. Do not over roast the seeds, else thay can become bitter in taste.

  • Til Burfi,Til Burfee,Til Burfi Recipe

    First clean the sesame seeds and roast them in a thick-bottomed frying pan until they become light brown. Cool them and grind them into granules.

  • Green Chickpea Burfi Recipe

    roast the chana paste and mawa on low-medium flame. When mawa gets frigid add powdered sugar in the chana paste. Use dry fruits as per your preferences.