Curry Dal

In India, there are lots of verities of Dal and Curry, and also the different ways to make them. Curry consists of thick gravy, based on chickpea flour. Dal and Curry both are eaten with boiled rice or roti. You can make various type of Curry Dal like Masoor Dal, Rajasthani Patod Curry, Moong Dal, etc. You can get the process to make the recipe and can get the required ingredients.

  • Kalonji Recipe - Stuffed Bitter gourd Recipe

    We have prepared Kalonji or Stuffed Bitter gourd earlier but this time we will prepare Karela Kalonji in a different way. Bitter gourds will be boiled and different spices will be added to them. This method helps in making Bitter Gourd light and soft.
    Bitter Gourd has a bitter taste still we like it a lot, it is prepared in a way that its bitter taste converts into a unique flavour. If you do not prefer Bitter Gourd because of its taste, then you will surely like the boiled ones. This is because boiled Bitter Gourds are not excessively bitter while curd and poppy seeds give them a good taste and flavour.

  • Bhandarewale Aloo ki Sabzi Recipe

    Bhandarewale Aloo sabzi is usually prepared with pooris during bhandara and is consumed as Prasad. This sabzi is very different in taste; it’s tarty and very scrumptious to eat. This sabzi has a very good aroma that even if you don’t want to eat anything, you’ll crave for this sabzi.

  • Gawar Phali Fry Recipe

    Gwar phali sabzi is usually prepared in Northern India. This sabzi is really delicious. Today we are making Gwar Phali sabzi.

  • Mirch Masala Curry

    Do you like spicy food ? Spicy food enhances your taste buds and Hyderabadi Mirch ka Salan is a famous spicy dish.

    Chittod in Rajasthan is also very well known for its traditional Mirch Masala Curry and that too without Onions. You can serve this curry like any other recipes or dish.

    So we present to you a slide to prepare Mirch Masala Curry.

  • Ganth Gobi Fry

    Ganth Gobi (Kolhrabi /Knol Kohl) contains significant amount of glutamine, an amino acid that has anti-inflammatory properties. But we can make a tasty preparation of Ganth Gobi (Kolhrabi /Knol Kohl) at home also in Indian Style. Let make ganth gobi fry today at home with Indian Tampering.

  • Rajasthani Patod Curry / Pitod ki Sabzi Recipe

    Pitod ki Sabzi is a traditional dish made in Rajasthan, if there are no vegetables in your fridge and you still want to make something special then do prepare Rajasthani Pitod ki Sabzi.

    Besan(gram flour) plays an important role in traditional Rajasthani cuisine. The main ingredients used to prepare Rajasthani Pitod Curry are Besan and curd. Besan is shaped as Gatte and cooked in steam while preparing Rajasthani Besan ke Gatte.

    Rajasthani Pitod ki Sabzi is prepared in the opposite manner, Besan mixture is cooked then solidified. Rajasthani Pator/Patod ki Sabzi does contain vegetables but not the green ones.

  • Matar Chole

    We often use Kabuli chana for making gravy or Sabzi. But if we use peas and chana together it has an awesome and unique taste. Today we will make matar chole Sabzi.

  • Kundru ki sabzi - Tendli Sabji

    Kundru (ivy gourd) have appearance, as that of parwal (pointed gourd). It is also known as Kinru, Tindora, Tendali and Tondali. Sabzi and chutney prepared with this taste amazing.

  • Soya Chaap Recipe with Gravy

    Soya chaap, enriched with proteins, is both appealing and appetizing. Its liked the most in Delhi/NCR region.

  • Bengali Arbi Recipe

    What type of arbi do you like? let's use (Bengali Arbi Recipe). This bigger than general arbi. This is also delicious. Today we prepare Bengali Arbi Recipe.

  • Bharwan Karela Recipe

    Bitter Gourd (Karela) as the name suggests are bitter in taste and usually not liked by many people. You can make Stuffed Bitter Gourd recipe. This is a spicy and tasty recipe and can also be consumed for a week. Today we will make Stuffed Bitter Gourd Recipe.

  • Sindhi Sai Bhaji Vegetarian

    Wash tomato and green chilies, chop in big chunks and make paste. Preheat some oil in a pressure cooker. When oil is hot, add asafoetida and cumin seeds into it. After sauteing cumin seeds, add turmeric powder, ginger, coriander powder, green.

  • Arbi ka Bharta

    Arbi's primary use is the consumption of its edible corm and leaves. In its raw form, the plant is toxic due to the presence of calcium oxalate, and the presence of needle-shaped raphides in the plant cells. However, the toxin can be destroyed and the tuber rendered palatable by cooking, or by steeping in cold water overnight. Today we will prepare Arbi ka Bharta.

  • Kachnar Kali Recipe

    Kachnar ki Kali/Kachnar buds are available in the market during this season. Whenever you go to the market do get Kachnar buds and make its dish. It is a delicious vegetable. You would need closed buds to prepare its dish. So today we will prepare a dish with Kachnar buds(Variegated Bauhinia Buds).

  • Besan Bhindi Masala Recipe

    There are various ways of preparing Bhindi(lady’s finger), for example: Bhindi stuffed with large/ less amount of spices, curd bhindi, crispy fried Bhindi, Aloo bhindi with besan, okra and gramflour Bhindi, okra with gram flour stuffing Bhindi ,Bhindi fried with spices. Today we will be preparing a tasty dish of Bhindi fried with spices.

  • Aloe Vera sabzi

    Aloe vera is best for diseases related to stomach and joint pain. It also increases immunity in body. We can make ladoo and halwa from aloe vera but today we are making aloe vera sabzi.

  • Sabziyon Ki Tehri

    Mixed vegetable rice cooked with yogurt, kasoori methi, varied spices and cream.

  • Brinjal Curry Recipe | Eggplant Curry | Baingan Curry Recipe

    You can make a delicious Brinjal Curry by marinating seedless Brinjal along with peanut curry. So lets start our preparations to make Brinjal Curry - Eggplant Curry.

  • Bharwa Bhindi Recipe

    We often make bhindi sabzi over flame but this sabzi can be prepared instantly and easily in a microwave.

  • Shahi Paneer Recipe

    Everyone relish eating almost every dish prepared with paneer but shahi paneer is the most popular recipe. This scrumptious recipe is part of every party, special occasions or whenever we have guests coming to our house. Making shahi paneer sabzi is really easy.
    You can make shahi paneer sabzi with or with frying the paneer chunks. We are making shahi paneer sabzi with fried paneer chunks. So, let's making this tempting recipe.