Cheela Recipe

Cheela is a Hindi word, which means pancakes. Cheela is made up by besan or batter of flour. The besan cheela is best for morning breakfast and it is lite food. Cheela is easy to make, and it consists hardly 2 to 3 minutes if all ingredients are ready. There are many cheela recipes that you can make at your home easily like Palak Paneer Dosa, Crispy Aloo Cheela, Lauki Dal Cheela, Masala Dosa, Besan Ka Cheela, Rava besan Ka Cheela, Sweet Cheela, Sooji Cheela, Sprouted Grains Cheela, etc.

  • Palak Paneer Dosa recipe

    South Indian tempting dish, dosa is also prepared in many other ways instead of the traditional one like cheese dosa, Chinese dosa or palak paneer dosa. Today we will make palak paneer dosa.

  • Gujarati Methi Dhebra Recipe

    Dhebra can be prepared either by frying in a Kadhai (like puri) or on a Tawa (like parantha). Whichever seems easier you can follow that particular method to prepare Gujarati Methi Dhebra.

    Green Methi(Fenugreek leaves) and Bajra(millet) flour is available in the market during winters. If you can not find green Methi then you can replace it with Kasoori Methi. Do make this appetizing dish this winter season.

  • Besan ka Cheela Recipe

    Make Besan Cheela with lots of green vegetables for the breakfast. I am sure everyone will love to eat this nutritious and tasty hot served dish. If you want, you can even pack this Cheela for lunch in your children school tiffin along with sweet chutney or apple jam or annanas jam.

  • Mix Vegetable Uthappam Recipe

    Mix Vegetable Uthappam is light for the stomach and nutritional at the same time. You can have it either in breakfast or can pack it in your kid's tiffin box. Kids like to eat Uthappanm with ketchup or chutney.

  • Crispy Aloo Cheela Recipe

    Potato cheela can be prepared instantly with minimum ingredients. All you need to do is just grate the potatoes, mix spices, spread this batter over the tawa, cover and allow it to roast. Scrumptious Potato cheela is ready!

  • Rava besan Ka Cheela

    It is very easy to make Suji or gram flour Cheela and they also consumes very less time to prepare. As very little amount of oil is used to make Cheela it is easily digested. So let us prepare this quick to make Cheela for breakfast.

  • Masala Dosa Recipe

    Masala Dosa is a famous recipe not only in India but abroad too. Its on the menu list of many North Indian Specialty restaurants too. Though making Masala Dosa is a long process, but its worth it.

    There are different types of Dosa one can make like Plain dosa, Masala Dosa, Paper dosa and Paneer dosa etc. You can have Dosa with Sambhar for lunch, dinner or for breakfast on a holiday. Dosa can be eaten along with Sambhar, Coconut Chutney, Groundnuts Chutney. So let us start preparing Masala Dosa.

  • Thalipeeth Recipe

    Thalipeeth, a traditional recipe of Maharashtra, is prepared with multi grain flour, chilly-spices and fresh vegetables. Its a nutritious dish and making this is very easy.

  • Lauki Dal Cheela

    Bottle Gourd Lentil Cheela is very healthy, rich in proteins and vitamins. It is very tasty and equally popular among young and old. You can have it in breakfast, on weekends. Let's make cheela today!

  • Sooji Cheela Recipe

    Sooji Cheela if prepared with paneer, vegetables and semolina taste more tempting then those prepared with gram flour, flour or dal. These can be packed in tiffin of kids.

  • Pizza Sandwich Recipe

    Children enjoy eating pizza sandwich. Prepare a pizza sandwich that tastes like a pizza which will be liked by all. Pizza sandwich can be packed in launch box of kids with a sauce or jam.

  • Sweet Cheela Recipe

    Cheela is also known as the dosa of North India. It is sour as well as sweet in taste. Cheela is made with less oil and can be served as a good breakfast recipe. You can also pack cheela in your kid's tiffin box.
    Sweet cheela can be made both with jaggery or sugar. But today we will make Sweet Cheela by adding jaggery to it.

  • Moong Dal Dosa Recipe

    Moong dal dosa is easy breakfast and can be prepared instantly. Soak moong dal for 1 hour only and also there is not need to ferment the batter. You'll surely relish eating these mouth drooling, crispy moong dal dosa.

  • Moong Pancakes

    Moong Dal Cheela is very tasty and high on proteins as well. It consumes very less oil while preparing so those who are avoiding oily food should definitely try this. It is very apt for breakfast and is easy to make. So let us prepare Moong Pancakes(Cheela).

  • Sprouted Grains Cheela Recipe

    Sprouted Grains is a very nutritious food. You can either eat it raw, or can even boil them. You will definitely like cheela made with sprouted grains and can also be packed for your kids tiffin. So lets prepare Sprouted Grains Cheela.