Veg. Soup Recipe

Veg. Soup is a liquid dish, which is made by boiling the vegetables or fruits and it’s generally served warm or hot. Many types of vegetarian soups, you can make at your home within 5 to 10 minutes easily like Spinach Soup, Carrot Soup, Broccoli Soup, Creamy Mushroom Soup, etc. and you can get the process to make the vegetarian soups and can get required ingredients.

  • Vegetable Noodle Soup Recipe

    Many recipes can be prepared with noodles. You can make Vegetable Noodle Soup before today's dinner. This will increase the satisfaction derived from the food.

  • Tomato Soup Recipe

    Everybody likes hot soup in the cold winter season. It tastes even better before meals. Let's make the delicious Tomato Soup today.

  • Carrot Beetroot Soup Recipe - Gajar chukandar Soup Recipe

    Take out the soup in a bowl and garnish with butter and coriander. The delicious and healthy Carrot Beetroot Soup is now ready to serve and drink.

  • Creamy Mushroom Soup Recipe

    Mushroom soup is prepared with numerous styles. But when Mushroom cream is stir fried in butter and grounded spices, then there is nothing more scrumptious than this mushroom soup.

  • Spinach Soup Recipe - Palak Soup Recipe

    Soup have becomes a part of our meal in winters. Many of the families prefer to have soup half an hour before the meal. There are many varieties of soup, but Spinach soup is rich in iron and other minerals.

  • Broccoli Soup Recipe

    Broccoli soup can be prepared in many different ways. Broccoli soup made with white vegetable stock is easy to make and you will enjoy drinking it.