Saag Recipe

Saag is an Indian dish, which is popular in the Punjab side mostly. Sarson ka Saag is very popular in Punjab and it is served with Makki di Roti. Here we have many recipes of Saag like Sabziyon Ki Tehri, Chana Saag Aloo Fry, Chana Saag, Palak Chole, Chana Saag Aloo Fry, Mixed Vegetable fry with Palak, Methi Palak Paneer Subzi, Potato Spinach Curry, Palak Soya Sweet Corn Curry, etc. and you can get the complete process to make the different type of Saag.

  • Sabziyon Ki Tehri

    Mixed vegetable rice cooked with yogurt, kasoori methi, varied spices and cream.

  • Sarson ka Saag recipe

    It's the winter season and if we get to eat Sarson ka Saag with Makke ki Roti then the feeling is just out of the world. Mustard Saag is now available in the market so get some for home. Today we will prepare Sarson ka saag.

  • Chana Saag Aloo Fry

    Chana saag is often prepared by adding millet flour or maize flour or with moong dal. If you add potatoes into it, then bhujiya can be prepared. This dry chana saag taste luscious.

  • Methi Palak Paneer Subzi

    Paneer palak methi dry sabzi is a delicious recipe prepared with fresh Spinach saag, Fenugreek leaves and paneer. This tantalizing sabzi is full of minerals and proteins. If you'll prepare this sabzi with minimum spices then it'll taste even more scrumptious.

  • Palak Soya Sweet Corn Curry

    Lots of spinach, some pleasant smelling soya(Dill) leaves and soft sweet corn taken from fresh corn mixed together make a very palatable curry. You and your family will surely love it.

  • Palak Chole Recipe

    Palak is high on iron while Chana is high on protein. Palak and Kabuli Channa taste awesome when put together. So let us begin the preparation of Channa with Palak.

  • Chana Saag

    You must be familiar with the taste of Sarso Ka Saag, but have you ever tried Chana ka Saag at home? You can eat Channa Saag with makka roti or wheat flour roti or bajra flour roti in winters.

    Channa Saag is made with the green leaves of Channa. When the channa plant grown up, before the on set of the flower the leaves are cut from the top. These leaves are used to make Channa Bhaji and this procedure is also necessary to benefit the plant so that it flourishes well.

  • Potato Spinach Curry

    How do you cook spinach? Spinach sabzi bhaji is prepared with numerous styles. So, here another mouth drooling recipe for Aloo Spinach curry.

  • Mixed Vegetable fry with Palak

    Whenever we get 2-3 vegetables at once then we always feel like making all of them at once. This is the time when preparing Mixed Veg comes to our rescue..

    You will also like Mixed Veg along with Palak(spinach). To prepare vegetables mixed with spinach choose the vegetables you like, fry them in oil and spices and serve with spinach wrapped all over. This is done so that the taste of spinach is separated from the taste of the mixed vegetables.

  • Moong Dal Palak Recipe

    Moong Dal with Spinach is a very nutritious and healthy recipe. It no only makes the dal interesting, but also increases it nutritional value. Today we will make Moon dal with Spinach.