Peda Recipe

In India, sweets are an important ingredient. Peda is one of the sweet, which is made up of grated mawa, milk, and sugar, and you can add some dry fruits for taste. If you want to make peda at your home then you can easily make it in just a few times. Here you can get the complete recipe for making peda and required ingredients. So just, make peda and other sweets like Mathura Peda, Mawa Peda, Kesar Peda, etc.

  • Mawa Peda Recipe

    Mawa or Khoya is roasted well to make Mawa Peda. The more you will roast the mawa, the more good it would taste and can be stored and consumed for many days. So lets make Mawa Peda today for the sweet.

  • Mathura Peda Recipe

    There is no other Peda found in the world which can beat the delicious taste of Mathura Peda. If you take just one bite of the traditionally prepared Mathura Peda, you will end up having at least 4 of them. Let us prepare Mathura Peda today.

  • How to make Kesar Peda in Microwave

    Making sweet, soft and tender kesar (saffron) peda is very easy. Preparing these pedas in microwave is more easy and less time consuming than making them on flame or wok.