In India, sweets also called Mithai. Mithai or Sweets are an important part of Indian culture. For every different occasion or festival, we have many different sweets. Usually, sweets are purchased, but on some traditional occasion, it prepared at home. If you also want to make something new sweets on the coming festival then you can search different type of sweet recipes from here. You try for Besan Barfi, Gulab Jamun, Rasgulla, Til Patti, Sattu ka Laddu, Dhania Panjiri Prasad, Rajasthani Mawa Malpua, Halwasan, Urad Dal Pinni, Kala Jamun, Kalakand, Alsi Pinni, Panjiri, Groundnut Chikki, Ghevar, Bajra Atta Ladoo, Nariyal Burfi, etc.

  • Dhania Panjiri Prasad Recipe

    Dhaniya Panjiri Prasad is eaten when one is on fast and is allowed to eat fruits. Normally, Panjiri is made from wheat flour so it is not taken as prasad but Panjiri is the first thing people eat to break fasts.
    Dhania Panjiri is specially eaten on Janmashthami to break one's fast. You can make and eat Dhaniya(coriander) Panjiri whenever you feel like, it is very tasty and nutritious.

  • Besan Barfi Recipe


    While roasting the besan, stir it continuously. Make sure it doesn’t stick to the pan.

    Keep checking the sugar syrup. If the barfi doesn’t freeze even after 6 hours then again add barfi in a pan and roast for 2-3 minutes more in 2-3 tbsp of ghee.

  • Kala Jamun - Kala Gulab Jamun Recipe

    Kala jamun is one of the most popular and favorite sweet dish. It is also known as Kala Jaam. Kala jamun and gulab jamuns are prepared with the same method, but kala jamun is slightly hard on the surface and gets little dark on the surface. These tempting jamuns are little stiff on outside and stuffed with dryfruits inside and sweet.

  • Besan ki Barfi Recipe

    No festival or any special occasion id complete without sweets. Use gram flour (besan), ghee, dry mawa and sugar for making instant and yummy besan barfi.

  • Mysore Pak


    Roast gram flour on low-medium flame. Stir till the bottom of pan making sure gram flour doesn't stick to the pan.
    Ghee to be added in gram flour should be hot appropriately.
    To make delicious Mysore pak stir the batter constantly and quickly. The moment batter puffs up and there is change in color then pour it in plate and set it.

  • Rasgulla Recipe


    1. Make chenna with fresh full cream milk.
    2. Strain the water completely from chenna.
    3.Knead chenna and arorot in a way that the mixture forms a smooth dough.

  • Braj Makhan Recipe

    Many types of butter(Makkhan) are known like Makhan Malai which is like thick froth, it by churning curd and traditional Braj Makhan is made by tying curd in a cloth.
    You can make Braj Makhan on Janmashthami and it is very tasty. It is cools and gives energy to the body. Braj Makhan was a favorite of Lord Krishna, you will also like it. Let us make delicious Braj Makhan today.

  • Kaju Katli Recipe

    Soak cashew nuts in warm water for one hour. After one hour, break a cashew and check if it has become soft from inside. If they have become soft, then remove water from the cashews and grind them very finely, in a grinder.

  • Gulab Jamun Recipe

    Gulab Jamun is a popular North Indian sweet and its my favorite too. Let's prepare Gulab Jamun.

  • Besan Maida Ladoo

    Dough is set. Grease your hands with some ghee and knead the dough again. Take one lump from the dough and roll giving it a round shape. Now flatten the dough ball with help of your palms. Grease the rolling board with some ghee or sprinkle some flour over it and place the dough ball over it.

  • Alsi Pinni Recipe

    Linseeds contains Omega-3 and Omega-6 elements, that control the cholesterol level of your body. It competes almonds and walnut in regards to its medicinal and nutritional properties.
    Alsi Pinni is a traditional sweet that can be eaten in winters. Store the Pinni in winters and keep on consuming them throughout the weather to keep cough, cold, arthritis and body pain at bay.

  • Mawa Peda Recipe

    Mawa or Khoya is roasted well to make Mawa Peda. The more you will roast the mawa, the more good it would taste and can be stored and consumed for many days. So lets make Mawa Peda today for the sweet.

  • Sweet Murmura Recipe - Sweet Puffed Rice

    We make bhelpuri and other namkeens from Puffed Rice. But kids also love to eat Sweet Puffed Rice. You can also spread the layer of sugar on Kheel also to make them crunchy. Kids are fond of sweets and nothing better than providing them sweet things to eat made at home itself. Lets make Sweet Murmura - Sweet Borogula today.

  • Panjiri Recipe for New Mothers

    We make many dishes for a new mother so that her health remains fit and fine like Gond ladoo, haleem ladoo, Gond paag, makhana paag, coconut paag, harira and a special panjiri which is made of kamar kass (butea gond). Kamar kass is very beneficial for new mothers after delivery as it helps recover their health.

  • Ghevar Recipe

    Ghevar is a special sweet for the festival of Sawan and Rakhsha Bandhan. Being an Indian resident we can find Ghevar everywhere in the market during these festivals, but people who stay in foreign countries are not able to find it so easily. The good news is that you can easily make it at home and surprise your family members. So lets make Ghevar Sweet today at home.

  • Moong Dal Halwa Recipe

    Wash the moong dal and soak it in water for 4 to 5 hours.

    Take out the moong dal from water and grind it, without water. Don't grind it too fine. Heat the frying pan and put ghee and moong dal in the frying pan, then stir with the frying spoon, on medium flame.

  • Mathura Peda Recipe

    There is no other Peda found in the world which can beat the delicious taste of Mathura Peda. If you take just one bite of the traditionally prepared Mathura Peda, you will end up having at least 4 of them. Let us prepare Mathura Peda today.

  • Rajasthani Besan churma recipe

    Churma with bafla or batti and churma laddo are liked alot by all. Churma can be prepared with numerous styles, like batti churma, bajra churma, atta churma and so on. Today we will make traditional Rajasthani besan churma.

  • Halwasan Recipe - Khambati Halwasan Recipe

    Halwasan is a traditional recipe of Gujarati regions. Halwasan, prepared with wheat porridge and milk, enriched with dry fruits and too easy to make can be prepared easily for any festival.

  • Bajra Atta Ladoo

    During winters millet, full of iron, calcium and fibre is not only used for making roti but even ladoos prepared with it are too scrumptious and are considered good for health. Try making these ladoos prepared with jaggery, millet flour and edible gum (goond).