Rajasthani Besan churma recipe

Rajasthani Besan churma recipe

Churma with bafla or batti and churma laddo are liked alot by all. Churma can be prepared with numerous styles, like batti churma, bajra churma, atta churma and so on. Today we will make traditional Rajasthani besan churma.


  •     Gram flour - 2 cups (200 grams)
  •     Semolina - 1/2 cup - (80 grams)
  •     Almonds - 20-25
  •     Cardamom - 20-25
  •     Boora - less than 2 cups (250 grams)
  •     Ghee - 1/4 cup
  •     Cashew nuts - 20-25
  •     Ghee - for roasting besan


Take out gram flour and semolina in any utensil and mix ghee into itI With help of water knead stiff and tight doughI Cover the dough and keep aside for 20 minutesI We have used 1/3 cup of water for kneading this much quantity of dough.

Meanwhile cut cashews and almonds into fine piecesI Peel cardamom and make powder.

Take little amount of dough (equal to the size of making roti)I With this much quantity 10 dough balls can be preparedI Take one dough ball, roll and flatten with help of your palmsI Place it on a plateI Likewise prepare all dough ballsI Preheat oil in a wokI When oil is medium hot, place the flatten dough ball into it for frying.

Place 4-5 dough balls in wok and fry on medium-low flame until they turn golden brown from all sidesI Then take them out in a plateI It takes 6-7 minutes for frying these dough balls at a timeI Likewise fry all dough balls and allow them to cool 

With help of grind stone, ground the fried dough ballsI Strain the churma to separate out thick granulesI Again ground the thick granules or pieces of churma with help of grind stone or mixture grinderI Take 2-3 tbsp ghee in a wok and place grounded churma into itI Roast on low flame for 5-6 minutesI When its color changes and smells delicious, turn off the flameI Take out churma in a bowl and mix boora, cardamom powder, almond and cashews Churma is ready

For making laddo from churma: Add this ghee in churma (add to bring binding)I Mixture for making ladoo is readyI Now take fist full of mixture and with help of both hands roll giving it a round shapeI Place ladoos on a plateI Churma laddos are ready

Allow the churma to cool and store it in any airtight containerI Relish eating for upto 8-10 days


  • On roasting churma again in ghee, enhances its flavor.