Kadhi Recipe

Kadhi or karhi is a dish, which is originating from the Indian continent. It consists of a thick gravy, based on chickpea flour, and contains the vegetable fritters which called pakoras, in which dahi (yogurt), is added to give a bit of sour taste. It is eaten with boiled rice or roti. You can make Besan Pakoda Kadhi, Sev ki Kadhi, Gujarati Kadhi, Mangodi ki Kadi, Spinach Kadhi, Palak Kadhi, Mangodi ki Kadi, Boondi Kadhi, Palak Kadhi, Sweet and Sour Mango Kadhi, Raw Mango Kadhi, etc. and also can get the recipes or process to make Khadi at home.

  • Besan Pakoda Kadhi Recipe

    We eat vegetables and pulses almost everyday. We cook Dahi Besan Kadhi sometimes for a change in the menu. Kadhi can be made in different ways. But Pakoda Kadhi is most popular of all and is commonly made in North India. Today we will make Besan Pakoda Kadhi Recipe that you can serve with hot chapatis, paranthas, naan or rice.

  • Palak Kadhi Recipe

    Spinach is a rich source of minerals and iron. You can make Spinach Kadhi at home on weekends or for dinner at night. Today we will also make Palak Kadhi (Spinach Curry with Yogurt Sauce) for the dinner.

  • Mangodi ki Kadi Recipe

    At times we get bored eating the same vegetables and lentils then one thinks of preparing Kadi. Mangodi ki Kadhi is very tasty and takes very less time to prepare. Today we will prepare Dal Mangodi ki Kadi with some tiny changes in the procedure.

  • Chili Potato Recipe - How To Make Chilli Potato

    Chilly potato has become one of the most liked Chinese recipes. Kids like this recipe very much. Chilly potato can be made in two ways .i.e. with gravy or without gravy. If you prefer eating spicy food then dry or chilly potato without gravy will be your choice.

  • Gujarati Kadhi Recipe

    Gujarati Kadhi is thin in consistency as compared to Pakoda Kadhi. Gujarati Kadhi contains curry leaves and mustard tampering and tastes very good. So lets start making Gujarati Kadhi and serve it in the lunch today.

  • Boondi Kadhi Recipe

    Pakora Kadhi is very famous, but boondi kadhi has a unique taste as every bite contains a taste of boondi dipped in kadhi. You can make fresh boondi to make boondi kadhi or can also be bought from home. lets make Boondi Kadhi today.

  • Sev ki Kadhi recipe

    Sev Kadhi is a popular dish in Rajasthan's Chittor area. In this curry sev is used instead of pakora. Let's make the Sev Kadhi.

  • Spinach Kadhi in Microwave

    While making Kadhi on flame we are required to constantly stir the gram flour-curd batter until it starts simmering. But this is not required if making kadhi in microwave. Spinach kadhi can be easily prepared in microwave.

  • Raw Mango Kadhi recipe

    Kadhi prepared with raw mango has a very different taste then kadhi prepared with curd. Usually pakoras are not added in this kadhi but small chunks of raw mango are added.

  • Sweet and Sour Mango Kadhi Recipe

    This kadhi prepared with sweet and tarty mango is liked the most in Maharashtra and Gujarat. Serve this tantalizing kadhi with roti and rice.