Kachori Recipe

Kachori is a spicy snacks, which is popular in the Indian continen, and common in diaspora and other South Asian diaspora, such as Trinidad and Tobago, Guyana, and Suriname. The alternative names of kachauri is kachodi katchuri and fried dumpling. You can try for different type of Kachoris like Moongdal Kachori, Moongdal Kachori, Palak Kachori, Mawa Kachori, Urad Dal Kachori, Potato Kachori, Matar Kachori, Kuttu Ki Kachori, Sattu ki Kachori, Cholia Kachori, Aaloo Bhujia Kachori, etc.

  • Potato Kachori Recipe

    There is no need to do the preparations before hand for making potato stuffed kachoris like required for making dal stuffed kachoris. Whenever you feel like eating crusty and tempting kachoris, then just boil some potatoes, knead dough and prepare the stuffing to make kachoris. These appetizing potato kachoris are liked the most in Northern India, especially Agra and Mathura.

  • Moongdal Kachori

    Stuffing for kachoris can be prepared with many ways. Kachoris stuffed with dal have a longer shelf life as compared to other kachoris. These kachoris are crustier. Today we are making moong dal stuffed kachoris.

  • Raj Kachori Recipe

    Raj Kachori is filled with various flavours. It is crispy from outside and soft from inside with soft pakodis, curd covered aloo bhujiya, namkeen, sweet chutney etc. You can serve Raj Kachori in the evening snack. 2 Kachoris are more than enough for you. Lets make Raj Kachori now.

  • Palak Kachori Recipe

    Stuffed Spinach kachori with Flaky-crusty, crispy covering can be served in breakfast. Serve with chutney and sauce or have it as it is with tea. Infact these delectable kachoris can be packed in lunch for kids or pack them for picnic or small tours.

  • Khasta Sooji Kachori Recipe

    Salty crunchy kachoris are prepared with numerous styles. We have already prepared crusty urad dal kachori, moong dal kachori. Today we are making masala potato stuffed crusty semolina kachori. Crispiness of semolina kachori is very different from urad dal kachori or moong dal kachori. You'll surely love eating this.

  • Samosa Recipe

    Who won't relish eating Samosas with crusty surface and stuffed with spicy filling? Making Aloo Samosa, one of the most favorite street foods, is not at all difficult. Try making this recipe for today's supper.

  • Mawa Kachori Recipe - Khoya Kachori Recipe

    Mawa and dry fruit stuffed sweet Shahi mawa kachoris coated with sugar syrup can be prepared on any special occasions.

  • Matar Kachori Recipe

    It's so easy to prepare matar kachori that you can make this at a moments notice. You can make and eat this kachori at home, whenever you feel like it. Let's make the Matar Kachori today.

  • Urad Dal Kachori Recipe

    Khasta Kachori is a North Indian Recipe. It is crispy and very good in taste. It can be made by filling potatoes or any pulses (dal) into it. You can consume the Kachori made with dal for over 3 days. So lets make Khasta Kachori today in the breakfast.

  • Moong Dal Mini Samosa

    In the event when you make a lot of snacks for your guests, they are usually confused about making a choice. A single Samosa is usually sufficient to provide relief from hunger due to which you are unable to enjoy the other snacks. The solution to this problem is a Mini Samosa.

    Moong Dal Mini Samosa is usually less than half the size of a regular Samosa. These can be preserved and eaten for 10-12 days since they are made with roasted Moong Dal. These Samosas can be eaten anytime with Tea. They can also be served to gueses on Holi, Diwali and other parties. Let us now learn to make Moong Dal Mini Samosa.

  • Cholia Kachori Recipe

    If you make a special breakfast for the weekend the entire will be happy. Today we will be preparing a special Kachori with green chickpeas which is very tasty, so let us make Green Chickpeas Kachori or Cholia Kachori.

  • Kuttu Ki Kachori Recipe

    We are required to follow a specified diet during fasts, and what if you get to eat various different dishes without breaking the laws of fast. Today we will make Singhare Kachori so you have something different to eat during 9 days of Navratri Fasting.

  • Sattu ki Kachori

    Breakfast during weekends is different than breakfasts on weekdays. If there is something delicious set on the table, the holiday starts off on a better note. So lets prepare Sattu ki Kachori for breakfast this weekend.

    It is very easy to prepare Sattu Ki Kachori and it also consumes less time. These days Sattu ki Kachori is available in grocery stores in almost all cities. Kachori- stuffed with Sattu can be stored up to 4-5 days.

  • Spicy Dry Masala Kachori Recipe - Crispy Kachori Stuffed with Spicy Dry Masala

    Dry fruits, spices and sev stuffed dry masala kachoris have a longer shelf life. These crunchy kachoris makes a perfect snack for any picnic or outing.

  • Dal Pakwan Recipe

    Dal Pakwan is made with Channa Dal and pakwan is like a cripsy puri made with mada. You can make Dal Pakwan on Sunday's and holidays. This will add to a variety in the breakfast menu for your family members.

    We first ate Dal Pakwan during our visit to a Sindhi family's house in Bhopal. It is very easy to make Dal Pakwan at home and it can be made in a short span of time only. Lets start with our preparations to make Dal Pakwan.

  • Aaloo Bhujia Kachori Recipe

    Kachori bhujiya is a traditional recipe of Bihar. This tempting and crusty kachoris made with wheat flour and served with black pepper flavored potato bhujiya can be prepared on any holiday as special breakfast.