Moong Dal Mini Samosa

Moong Dal Mini Samosa

In the event when you make a lot of snacks for your guests, they are usually confused about making a choice. A single Samosa is usually sufficient to provide relief from hunger due to which you are unable to enjoy the other snacks. The solution to this problem is a Mini Samosa.

Ingredients of Mini Samosa :

Ingredients to knead the flour

  •     All purpose flour (Maida) - 250 gms (1 1/4 cup)
  •     Ghee - 60  gms (1/4 cup)
  •     Salt - According to your taste (1/2 tea spoon)

Ingredients to make the filler

  •     Moong Dal - 100 gms. (1/2 cup)
  •     Oil - 2 table spoon
  •     Heeng - 1 pinch
  •     Cumin seeds - 1/4 tea spoon
  •     Coriander powder - 1 tea spoon
  •     Anise powder - 1 spoon
  •     Green Chilli - 2
  •     Ginger - 1 inch piece
  •     Red Chilli powder - less than 1/4 tea spoon (if you want)
  •     Garam masala - less than 1/4 tea spoon
  •     Amchoor powder - less than 1/4 tea spoon
  •     Salt - According to your taste (1/2 tea spoon)
  •     Oil - to fry samosa

Method - How to make Moong Dal Mini Samosa

How to knead the flour

Sieve the maida and mix ghee, salt into it. Knead the flour with luke warm water. Cover the dough and leave it for 1/2 hour to set. Dough to make samosas is ready.

How to make the filler

Take chilka moong dal. Clean and wash the dal, and soak it for 2 hours. Rub the dal with hands to take off the skin from it. The skin of the dal will start to float over the water, take them out of the water. Strain the water by keeping a strainer under the bowl and leave the dal on it so that all the water gets strained away. Now wash the dal and make a paste of it by adding green chilli and ginger without adding water to it.

Take a pan and heat oil into it. Tamper the cumin seeds, heeng in the pan and then add coriander powder, anise and dal paste. Roast the dal by stirring it with the spoon. Put red chilli, garam masala, amchoor powder, and salt. Roast the dal till it turns brown and dry. The filler to stuff the samosa is ready.
How to make the Samosa

Take a small portion of the dough, roll it out with hands in circular motion, press it and roll in into a little thick flat disc of 4 inch.

Cut the disc into 2 equal parts in the shape of half moon. Take one part and stick it from the corners with the help of water forming a cone shape. Fill this cone with 1 tea spoon filler. After filling the cone with the stuff, place a plate at the bottom corner and stick both the corners with water. Press the corners with hands gently and close the corners. prepare all the other samosas in the same manner and keep them on a plate.

Take a pan and heat oil in it to fry the samosas. Put 10-12 samosas into the hot oil and fry the samosas on the medium flame till they turn brown in colour. Take them out of the pan and keep them on the plate covered with paper napkin. Fry all the other samosas in the same manner. Your Moong Dal Mini Samosas are ready.

Serve the hot crispy samosas with coriander chutney and sweet chutney.  Store the remaining samosas in an air-tight container and can be used for many days.