Whenever you free and want to make something unique or different from your daily snacks, then you can try for Faluda Kulfi, Dahi Ki Lassi, Watermelon Juice, Spinach Soup, Spinach Raita, Pumpkin Raita, Kheera Ka Raita, Mango Shake, Bundi Ka Raita, Carrot Soup, Aloo Ka Raita, Jal Jeera Drink, Lauki Raita, Sprouted Grains Salad, Capsicum Rayta, etc. at you home. And you can get the process to make the recipes, from our site.

  • Spinach Soup Recipe - Palak Soup Recipe

    Soup have becomes a part of our meal in winters. Many of the families prefer to have soup half an hour before the meal. There are many varieties of soup, but Spinach soup is rich in iron and other minerals.

  • Carrot Beetroot Soup Recipe - Gajar chukandar Soup Recipe

    Take out the soup in a bowl and garnish with butter and coriander. The delicious and healthy Carrot Beetroot Soup is now ready to serve and drink.

  • Broccoli Soup Recipe

    Broccoli soup can be prepared in many different ways. Broccoli soup made with white vegetable stock is easy to make and you will enjoy drinking it.

  • Potato Sesame Salad Recipe

    You can make Potato salad in many ways. In Nepal it is known as Alu achar - Nepalese Potato Salad. The difference is that in nepal people use sesame oil to make Potato salad, but we are using olive oil as it makes the food more appealing and tasty.

  • Creamy Mushroom Soup Recipe

    Mushroom soup is prepared with numerous styles. But when Mushroom cream is stir fried in butter and grounded spices, then there is nothing more scrumptious than this mushroom soup.

  • Gulab Sharbat Recipe

    In this extreme season of heat, a glass of Rose Juice(Sharbat) can help cool down your body and mind. In this time of the year, Rose flower is available in abundance and this is the best time to make Rose sharbat drink.

  • Vanilla Ice Cream Vegetarian Recipe - Vanilla Ice Cream Recipe

    Vanilla ice cream made with natural ingredients taste so different. Today lets make ice cream that too without any ice cream maker.

  • Lemon and Mint Juice Recipe

    If you will drink lemon, mint and ginger juice then it will give freshness to your mind. It requires less time and less efforts for preparation. You can make it in the concentrate form and can use it for many days. You can mix honey instead of water in the concentrate of lemon and mint.

  • Curd Ice Cream Recipe - Indian Yogurt Ice Cream Recipe

    Everyone loves to eat Ice-cream in summers, be it daytime, noon or night. You can add any other dry fruits in the ice cream or small pieces of any fruit that you like apple, mango, etc.

  • Lauki ka Raita Recipe - Gourd Raita Recipe

    Lauki (bottle gourd) Raita is good in taste and equally nutritious. Some people do not like to eat gourd vegetable recipe, but i am sure they will definitely like bottle gourd raita. Raita enhances the flavor of food and helps maintains digestion.

  • Spinach Raita Palak Raita Recipe

    Raita not only makes the food appealing, but also helps in digestion. Every meal should consist of Raita. There are plenty of ways to make Raita. You can use various different combinations of vegetables and spices to make Raita.

  • Cucumber Raita Recipe - Kheera Raita Recipe

    Raita is an important food item. It not only makes the simple white Curd delicious, but also helps in digestion. Cucumber has a cooling effect and when taken with curd serves the purpose of keeping body and mind cool in this season of heat.

  • Recipe for Chat Masala powder – Chat Masala Powder Recipe - How to make Chat Masala Powder

    Everybody likes chat, but they are afraid to eat the market chat because it might not be hygienic. Even if we make chat at home, we still need the chat masala.

  • Vegetable Noodle Soup Recipe

    Many recipes can be prepared with noodles. You can make Vegetable Noodle Soup before today's dinner. This will increase the satisfaction derived from the food.

  • Malai Kulfi Recipe

    Malai Kulfi prepared with milk and dry mawa is liked by all. When kulfi gets set, take it out from freezer and serve kulfi immediately within 10 minutes.

  • Mango Milk Shake

    Mango milk shake is very popular in India as well as in the other countries because it is very luscious in taste. Whenever you want to make a mango milk shake, mix it in the milk and ice cubes and drink it. You can use it for 15-20 days.

  • Recipe Curry Powder masala - Curry Powder Recipe

    Fill Curry Powder in an air-tight container. Cook curry leaves with rice, Idli, Dosa , Uttapam and enjoy delicious food with a good fragrance for a month.

  • Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Recipe

    Smooth chilled Ice-cream with chocolate chips increases the joy level of eating an ice-cream. Home made naturally made Chocolate Chip Ice Cream has its own good taste and is very delicious.

  • Kesar Pista Kulfi Recipe – Saffron Pistachio Kulfi Recipe

    Summer is at its peak and Kesar Pista Kulfi can help us to feel cool in this summer season. It is an item which relates to everybody's childhood. It should have some fibers of milk as you can get in Rabri. You can consider Kulfi as a solid form of Rabri. You can put almonds instead of pistachios or can make it only with saffron. Saffron is important because it can make Kulfi pale-yellow in color.

  • Thandai Recipe

    Thandai is one of a very energetic drink for the summer season. One glass Thandai can protect you from Sunstroke and nose bleeding in a day. Whenever you want to drink Thandai, mix milk and ice cubes according to your taste and enjoy the real taste of Thandai.