Musk Melon Milk Shake

Musk Melon Milk Shake

Musk melon is a seasonal fruit of summer. This is a juicy fruit which helps to get relief in the hot weather. Either you can eat it or can drink its milk shake. It is not popular as much as mango shake but it is also good in taste.

Ingredients for Musk Melon Milk Shake

  • Musk melon - 1 small musk melon (approx. 600 gm)
  • Milk - 300 gm
  • Sugar - 4 big spoons
  • Lemon - 1
  • Cardamom - 2 (if you want)
  • Ice cubes

How to make Musk Melon Milk Shake

Wash musk melon, peel it and cut it in the big pieces. Put it in a mixer jar. Peel cardamom and put it and sugar in the jar. (you can use honey instead of sugar) Put your mixer on and make its pulp. Put cold milk in it and beat it well.

Squeeze a lemon in it and add ice cubes in it. Put on the mixer and crush the ice cubes.

Musk melon shake is ready. Keep it in a glass and serve it.

Serving: 4-5 Time: 25 minutes


If some musk melon milk shake is left then make its Kulfi. Take a cream of milk and mix in it and add some chopped cashew nuts in it and store it for solidifying. Your children may like musk melon kulfi.