Cake Recipe

If you love to make the cakes and try to make some delicious cakes on weekends for your kids and family, then you can try to make something interesting eggless cake, if you are prior vegetarian and not eat an egg. There are so many cake recipes like Eggless Sponge Cake, Chocolate Cake, Date Cake, Chocolate and Cream Cake, Almond Cake, Black Forest Cake, Christmas Cake, Mango Cake, etc. that you can make at your home easily and in less time. We also mention the required ingredients, quantity of ingredients (according to 1 or 2 persons), process to make the delicious cakes, etc.

  • Eggless Mango Muffins recipe

    So let us prepare Egg less Mango Muffins. Mango Muffins but you will also like it when you have it for tea.

  • Eggless Cake Recipe

    Egg is used to bind the cake. We can use condensed milk or any other binder for the binding purpose. You can bake cake in various different ways by experimenting with different fruits.

  • Eggless Paneer Cake Recipe

    If you are thinking of trying to make a different cake then try this Chena Cake, you will surely like it.

  • Eggless Mango cake recipe

    We will make mango cake by using mango pulp. Prepared mango shake, sweet-tarty kadhi with ripen mango, smoothie and so on with mangoes.

  • Eggless Chocolate Cake in Cooker Recipe

    Cake is baked in Oven, when what if you dont get electricity. It might have happened with you that you have prepared the batter to bake cake and suddenly there is no electricity.

  • Eggless Almond Cake Recipe

    Eggless Almond cake prepared with grounding whole almonds (with skin) is relished the most by kids as well elders. This is yummy and tasteful cake.

  • Eggless Christmas Cake Recipe

    The taste of christmas cake is very special when made using a lot of dry fruits and spices. It’s shelf life is more than the usual life with yummy taste.

  • Apple Eggless Cake in Microwave Recipe

    The only point to take in note is cake baked in microwave doesn't get brown crust and remains bit juicy. It is very much pleasing in taste. Cakes are often made in oven with nice brown crust. It takes 40-60 minutes for baking cake in oven.

  • Eggless Date Cake Recipe

    The Eggless Date Cake is not just tasty but healthy as well. Small bits of walnut and almond make it even more mouth watering.

  • Eggless Chocolate and Cream Cake Recipe

    Eggless Chocolate and Cream Cake is prepared by putting the two mixtures on separate layers. Chocolate and Cream Cake is so yummy in taste.

  • Tutty Fruiti Recipe

    If gets hard to find tutti fruity in market make it in your home with ease. Tutti fruity is often used in making cake, cookies, biscuits and ice cream. Usually is easily available in market.

  • Egg less Fruit and Nut Cake Recipe

    Do make this eggless dry fruit cake for your kids, especially during winters to give them loads of energy. Eggless fruit and nuts cake is very pleasing in taste and is liked by almost everyone.

  • Banana Bread Recipe

    Whenever you find overripe bananas in the house, you can use them to make Banana Bread. Banana bread is as tasty as any cake and is even cooked with the same method. All you need is just riped bananas.

  • Eggless Date Cake Recipe

    The Eggless Date Cake is not just tasty but healthy as well. Small bits of walnut and almond make it even more mouth watering.