Burfi Recipe

Apart from the Halwas and Ladoos, Barfi is one of the most famous Indian sweets. Barfi is easy to make at home in just a few times. Here lots of options to make the different type of Barfies. You can make different type of Barfi at your home like Besan Barfi, Halwasan, Urad Dal Pinni, Milk Cake, Kalakand, Coconut barfi, Til Peanuts Barfi, Chocolate Barfi, Kaju Paneer burfi, Pumpkin Barfi, Mango Burfi, Moong Dal Barfi, Kesar burfi, Lauki Burfi, Til Atta Barfi, etc. You can get the process to make Barfi and can get the required ingredients.

  • Besan Barfi Recipe


    While roasting the besan, stir it continuously. Make sure it doesn’t stick to the pan.

    Keep checking the sugar syrup. If the barfi doesn’t freeze even after 6 hours then again add barfi in a pan and roast for 2-3 minutes more in 2-3 tbsp of ghee.

  • Mysore Pak


    Roast gram flour on low-medium flame. Stir till the bottom of pan making sure gram flour doesn't stick to the pan.
    Ghee to be added in gram flour should be hot appropriately.
    To make delicious Mysore pak stir the batter constantly and quickly. The moment batter puffs up and there is change in color then pour it in plate and set it.

  • Kaju Katli Recipe

    Soak cashew nuts in warm water for one hour. After one hour, break a cashew and check if it has become soft from inside. If they have become soft, then remove water from the cashews and grind them very finely, in a grinder.

  • Halwasan Recipe - Khambati Halwasan Recipe

    Halwasan is a traditional recipe of Gujarati regions. Halwasan, prepared with wheat porridge and milk, enriched with dry fruits and too easy to make can be prepared easily for any festival.

  • Urad Dal Pinni -  Pinni Recipe

    Punjabi pinni can be prepared with numerous styles. We have already prepared pinni with flax seeds, wheat flour and dry fruits. Today we are making scrumptious urad dal and mawa.

  • Coconut barfi with condensed milk -  Nariyal Burfi

    Everyone's favorite coconut barfi prepared with coconut powder, condensed milk and your favorite dry fruits can be prepared immediately within 15 minutes or less. You can prepare this barfi for vrat as well or whenever you crave for something sweet.

  • Chocolate Barfi Recipe


    If chocolate barfi is not set or freezed, then place the tray or plate in refrigerator as it is for some more time. On second day the barfi will get set well. Still you feel that the barfi will not get freezed then take out the mixture in a pan and cook for more time. Check the consistency again and freeze it in similar manner.

  • Kalakand Sweets

    Making kalakand with traditional method is really time consuming. For this, we take milk in equal quantity in two separate vessels and place them to simmer on flame. One portion of milk is used to make khoya and the other one is used to make paneer. Both these ingredients are mixed together to make kalakhand. But for making kalakand instantly, get ready made khoya and paneer from dairy, roast them, add sugar and make kalakand instantly.

  • Mango Burfi Recipe

    The flame should be low or medium while cooking the besan, stir it continuously, so that it do not get stick to the pan.
    The flame should be high while thickening the mixture, but stir the mixture continuously from the core of the pan so that the mixture do not get stick inside the pan and gets thickened soon to make the Burfi.

  • Kaju Paneer burfi - Cashew Nuts Paneer burfi recipe

    Cashew paneer barfi can be prepared instantly. This tantalizing barfi can be prepared for any festival or fast (vrat) very easily.

  • Milk Cake  - Milk Cake Kalakand recipe

    Milk cake is special sweet dish from Uttar Pradesh and Haryana. This can be prepared on any festival.

  • Mango Kalakand Recipe

    Take milk out in any utensil for boiling. When milk starts boiling turn off the gas and let it cool down. Keep it 80% hot. Now curdle the milk.

  • Pumpkin Barfi Recipe -  Kaddu ki Barfi

    Take out the seeds from the pumpkin, wash and grate it. Put 2 table spoon ghee and pumpkin into the pan without adding water to it. Cook it on a medium flame, stir it with the spoon at small intervals and cover it with a lid.

  • Til Peanuts Barfi Recipe


    While roasting sesame seeds,keep note that sesame seeds are roasted quickly. Roast until sesame seeds get puffy and there is slightly change in color. If sesame seeds are overcooked they get bitter in taste.
    Keep constant check while making sugar syrup. If sugar syrup is too thin then barfi doesn't set easily and if its too thick then barfi gets too hard.

  • Coconut Sweets Recipe

    Grate the ripe coconut into fine powder. Roast the mawa/khoya (Roast till it turns light brown, burfi becomes tastier and can be stored for longer duration).

  • Mawa Barfi Recipe

    Take a pan and heat ghee into it. Put mawa into the pan and roast it on a medium flame till it turns light pink in colour. Now take it out in a bowl and let it cool down.

  • Lauki Burfi/Bottle Gourd Burfi Recipe

    Peel Lauki, cut into long pieces and remove the inner pulp with seeds. Wash the pieces and grate them. Put the Lauki pieces in a frying pan(kadhai) without any oil, put 2 tsp Ghee, cover and aloow to cook on a low flame. After some time stir with a spoon, cover the pan again. Cook Lauki till it turns soft.

  • Mohan Thal Recipe

    There is 2 quality of Besan available in the market. One is finely granulated and the other is in the thick form. Besan of thick granules is better to make Mohan Thal.

  • Moong Dal Barfi Recipe


    Stir the mixture constantly on low and medium flame, else it may stick at the bottom of wok or pan.
    Try using nonstick pan for frying and roasting.

  • Carrot Burfi Recipe


    After adding mawa in carrots, keep stirring the mixture at regular intervals. Make sure it doesn't stick to the bottom of pan.
    You can also use coconut powder or almond powder, in place of cashew powder.
    For making 12-15 barfi pieces
    Time - 1 hour