Chhena Recipe

Chhena sweet is popular in Bengal country. It is made of milk and sugar. You can easily make it at your home, it not take too much time to get ready. From our site, you can get the recipe to how to make Chhena at home. And also you can make the different type of chhena sweets. Make this festival some Bengali recipes like Rasgulla, Chhena Kheer, Bengali Chum Chum, Rajbhog, Ras Malai, Sandesh, Raskadam, Lavang Latika, Bengali Sponge Rasgulla, etc.

  • Rasgulla Recipe


    1. Make chenna with fresh full cream milk.
    2. Strain the water completely from chenna.
    3.Knead chenna and arorot in a way that the mixture forms a smooth dough.

  • Bengali Sponge Rasgulla Recipe

    To make chena make sure you cool down the milk a bit. Add 1 cup water in milk for making it cool quickly. This makes chena softer and rasgullas comes out spongier.

  • How to make Chhena

    Always use full cream milk to make paneer at home. Boil milk in a deep pan and keep on stirring so that it do not stick at the bottom of the pan.

    Once the milk starts to boil add lemon juice or vinegar into it

  • Chhena Kheer Recipe

    Cow mil is best for making chena but you can even use fresh buffalo milk as well. In case you don’t find fresh milk then amul full cream can also be used.

    For 4 to 5 members
    Time – 70 minutes

  • Ras Malai Recipe

    Put chena in a plate and mash with hands to make it smooth like a dough. The chena is ready to make rasmalai.

    Take a small portion of the chena, keep it between your palms and press it with hands to give it a round flat shape.

  • Rajbhog Recipe


    Chena should be soft and soggy else rajbhog will break in the syrup or will get hard.
    Make sure there is constant boil in the syrup, formation of froth while cooking rajbhog. This helps in cooking and makes rajbhog spongy. (You can also use ritha water in place of plain water as it helps in formation of froth which further helps make rajbhog spongy.

  • Lavang Latika recipe


    Dough should not be too soft or too stiff.
    Don't over stuff the lavang latika and make sure you stick them properly. They should not splatter.
    Fry lavang latika over low flame.
    You can prepare stuffing for lavang latika with dry fruits, pistachios, walnuts, coconut or any other ingredient, as per your taste.
    For 20 to 21 lavang latika
    Time - 70 minutes

  • Bengali Chum Chum recipe


    Make stuffing as per you taste like make a fine paste of cashew nuts, malai, rabdi, anjir or dates and make a dry fruits stuffing.
    For making mawa stuffing, roast the mawa or microwave it as this increases the shelf life and taste of mawa.

  • Sandesh Recipe


    This sandesh is prepared with saffron flavor but you can use cashews, almonds as per your taste.
    For 12 to 14 sandesh
    Time - 50 minutes

  • Raskadam Recipe - Kheer Kadam Recipe


    For making raskadam, strain the sugar syrup from rasgullas completely. If rasgullas are still filled with sugar syrup, then while stuffing them in mawa, sugar syrup will make raskadam soggy and loose.