Stuffed Vegetable Recipes

Stuffed Vegetable is a dish, which is made in all over India. You can easily make Stuffed Vegetable at your home, within 10 to 15 minutes. Just try for interesting Stuffed Vegetables like Stuffed Bitter gourd, Bharwan Karela, Stuffed Shimla Mirch, Bharwa Bhindi, Stuffed Brinjal Fry, Stuffed Parwal, Stuffed Karela with Cheese, Stuffed Tomato, Besan Bharwan Mirch, Stuffed Ladyfinger, Bharwa Tinda, Stuffed Chillies, Stuffed Potato Curry, Stuffed Torai, etc. Get all the process to make Stuff Vegetable.

  • Kalonji Recipe - Stuffed Bitter gourd Recipe

    We have prepared Kalonji or Stuffed Bitter gourd earlier but this time we will prepare Karela Kalonji in a different way. Bitter gourds will be boiled and different spices will be added to them. This method helps in making Bitter Gourd light and soft.
    Bitter Gourd has a bitter taste still we like it a lot, it is prepared in a way that its bitter taste converts into a unique flavour. If you do not prefer Bitter Gourd because of its taste, then you will surely like the boiled ones. This is because boiled Bitter Gourds are not excessively bitter while curd and poppy seeds give them a good taste and flavour.

  • Bharwan Karela Recipe

    Bitter Gourd (Karela) as the name suggests are bitter in taste and usually not liked by many people. You can make Stuffed Bitter Gourd recipe. This is a spicy and tasty recipe and can also be consumed for a week. Today we will make Stuffed Bitter Gourd Recipe.

  • Bharwa Bhindi Recipe

    We often make bhindi sabzi over flame but this sabzi can be prepared instantly and easily in a microwave.

  • Besan Bharwan Mirch

    Do you feel like eating something tarty at times? Taste of your meal doubles with serving Stuffed chilies. So, today we are making Besan stuffed green chilly. This stuffed green chilly can be stored for up to a week in refrigerator.

  • Stuffed Shimla Mirch

    Stuffed Shimla Mirch tastes very good. If you make it yourself only then you will know how good it really is. So let us make Stuffed Shimla Mirch/Bharwa Shimla Mirch.

  • Stuffed Parwal Recipe

    Stuffed vegetable are always liked by all then those made in normal way. Today we will make stuffed Parwal Sabzi.

  • Microwave Stuffed Bhindi Recipe

    We often make bhindi sabzi over flame but this sabzi can be prepared instantly and easily in a microwave.

  • Stuffed Tomato Recipe

    Stuffed vegetables taste different and special. Go for stuffed Tomato whenever you feel like making a stuffed vegetable. They taste great.

  • Bharwa Tinda

    You can make curry with Tinda(apple gourd)in various ways. Bharwa Tinda is very good in taste. It is very easy to prepare, so let us try making it ourselves.

  • Stuffed Chillies Recipe

    Do you feel like eating a lot of spicy stuff at times? Stuffed Chillies double the taste of your food. Today we will prepare Stuffed Gram flour(Besan) Chillies, you can keep it in the fridge and eat it for a week.

  • Stuffed Karela with Cheese

    Bitter gourd in your vegetable basket -- does it sound like a turn off? Let Vicky help you fall in love with this usually despised vegetable. Sliced karelas stuffed with an aromatic filling, rolled in spices and pan fried.

  • Stuffed Brinjal Fry Recipe

    Stuffed vegetables are often good in taste. Many people do not eat brinjal, but Stuffed Brinjals are liked by them.

    You can make this recipe in many ways. One of the best way is to make stuffed brinjals by stuffing peanut masala into it. So lets make Stuffed Brinjal Fry today.

  • Stuffed Torai Recipe

    Torai curry is very nutritious, but everyone does not prefer eating it, especially kids. But Stuffed Torai(stuffed zucchini) is very tasty.

  • Stuffed Ladyfinger Recipe

    Almost everyone is fond of eating stuffed (bharwan) recipes of dry vegetables. You can store and consume stuffed recipes for 2-3 days as they don't get stale in few hours. My family members like Stuffed Ladyfinger (Bhindi) a lot. We can make Stuffed Ladyfinger in many ways. The stuff to fill the vegetable can be made with simple masala, add gram flour into the masala, mix potatoes or paneer in to the masala or fry the onions and garlic and mix them with the masala. But today we will make Stuffed Ladyfinger by mixing gram flour with the masala.

  • Stuffed Potato Curry Recipe

    Stuffed Potato sabzi, where potatoes are stuffed with mawa or paneer mixed with dry fruits, taste really scrumptious. This can be prepared for any special occasion.

  • Microwave Bharawan Baigan Recipe

    Stuffed brinjals are prepared differently in different regions with various styles of stuffing. It can be prepared in microwave easily and instantly. Today we are making North Indian style stuffed brinjals.