Stuffed Torai Recipe

Stuffed Torai Recipe

Torai curry is very nutritious, but everyone does not prefer eating it, especially kids. But Stuffed Torai(stuffed zucchini) is very tasty.

Ingredients for Stuffed Torai Recipe

  •     Torai(sponge gourd) ——– 500 grams (small sized, fresh )
  •     Oil ——- 2 tbsp
  •     Heeng(asafoetida)  ——- 1 pinch
  •     Saunf(fennel) powder —— 2 tsp
  •     Coriander(dhaniya) powder —— 2 tsp
  •     Red chilly powder —— 1/2 tsp
  •     Turmeric powder  —— 1/2 tsp
  •     Amchur(mango) powder —— 1/2 tsp
  •     Gram masala —— 1/4 tsp
  •     Salt —— add to taste  ( 3/4 tsp)

How to make Stuffed Torai Recipe

Wash Torais properly. Now peel them and cut off its edges on both ends. Cut the Torais length wise on one side so that the other side is attached.

Excluding Heeng put all the spices in a plate and mix them. Stuff the Torais you have cut with the spices. Fill the spices till Torai is stuffed completely.

Pour oil in a frying pan and heat, put Heeng in hot oil. Now put the stuffed Torais in oil, cover the pan and cook for 5 minutes. pen the lid and you will see that the Torais kept in the center are cooked, if not then turn them over and cook for 1-2 minutes. Take out the cooked Torai in a bowl, and move the Torais at the sides of the pan to the center. Cook for 1-2 minutes as you turn them over then take them out in the bowl.

Stuffed Torai is ready. Serve Stuffed Torai with paranthas, naan or chapati.

  • Serves - 6
  • Cooking Time - 30 minutes