Roti Recipe

Roti is also known as Chapatti. Roti is flatbread, which is made up from wholemeal flour or Atta and water, after mix up that both things it converts into the dough. Roti is consumed at anywhere like in India, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Singapore, Bangladesh, etc. You can make the different type of roti’s for your kids and family like Makki ki Roti, Multigrain Chapati, Sindhi Koki Roti, Missi Roti, Alsi ki Roti, Khoba Roti, Chawal ki Roti, Thalipeeth Roti, etc. You can also search the process to make the different type of Roti recipes.

  • Chawal ki Roti - Chawal ki Roti Recipe

    Chawal ki Roti, RotiChawal ki Roti(rice bread) is very tasty and is eaten all over India. In Bihar, Chawal ki Roti with sweet and sour pumpkin curry, while spicy brinjal curry and coconut chutney with this roti is loved in Bangalore and Mysore.

  • Bajra Ki Roti - Bajra Ki Roti Recipe

    Have you tried Bajra(millet) ki roti with Patori this winter? In places like Rajasthan and Braj Bajre ki roti is eaten with Urad dal and Patori. While Bajra roti's Malida is very tasty.

  • Missi Roti - Missi Roti Recipe

    Missi roti is not only scrumptious to eat but is also very nutritious. You can make missi roti for lunch or dinner, you'll relish eating it for sure bases.

  • Sindhi Koki Roti - Sindhi Koki Recipe

    Sindhi koki roti is prepared with again roasting raw roti made of wheat flour and spices and is usually served in breakfast. But this roti can also be packed in lunch or carry for outings. Enjoy the delicious taste of roti.

  • Thalipeeth Roti - Thalipeeth Roti Recipe

    Thalipeeth, a traditional recipe of Maharashtra, is prepared with multi grain flour, chilly-spices and fresh vegetables. Its a nutritious dish and making this is very easy to cook with delicious taste.

  • Makki di Roti Recipe - Makki ki Roti

    Makke ki Roti and Sarson ka Saag is pure bliss during winters. Many people find it difficult to make Makke ki roti. So lets make Makke ki roti easily and relish a sumptuous meal with crispy taste.

  • Alsi ki Roti Recipe - Chapati with Flax Seeds

    Flax seeds with more nutritional value, Omega 3 fatty acid, Lignan and fibre than walnuts and Almonds, can be consumed daily by mixing it in roti. Its a delicious roti with tasteful.

  • Multigrain Chapati - Multigrain Roti Recipe

    During winters try including millet and maize in your daily diet. Multigrain roti prepared with millet, maize, wheat and soya bean flour with delicious taste with joyful dish concept.

  • Roti Recipe - Chapati Roti Recipe

    Roti can be prepared from different types of flour: Wheat flour, cornflour, millet(bajra) flour, mixed flour(made from 6-7 types of flour). Roti prepared from mixed flour is more nutritious. Cornflour, millet flour, sorghum(jwar) flour have coarse.

  • Khoba Roti - Khoba Roti Recipe

    Khoba roti is a dish of Rajasthan and is thick, crusty and more enticing than regular roti. When tempting to eat something new and different, try making this roti. It would be tasteful on food.