Poori Naan Paratha

Bread is an important part of Indian food. Roti is India’s daily bread food and Paratha is its special treat. Most people eat the parathas in breakfast because of it heavy food. Poori is cooked in deep-fried oil and it’s too easy to make. Naan is made from white flour and it’s cooked in tandoor. You can find here so many verities of slices of bread like Sweet Til Puri, Naan butter, Cheese Paratha, Moong Masala Paratha, Radhaballabh Poori, Methi Thepla, Maize flour Poori, Fenugreek Parantha, Kerala Paratha, Sooji Methi Masala Paratha, Achari Paratha, Makki di Roti, Puffy Soft Milk Poori, Pudina Paratha, etc.