Pakora Recipe

Pakora is also called pakoda, pakodi, fakkura, bhajiya, bhajji or ponako. Pakora is a deep-fried snack. People eat pakora with tea (chai) for refreshment. Here you can get a huge collection of Pakora recipes. If you want to try some amazing recipes than you can try for the following recipes like Baingan Pakora, Aloo Pakora, Palak Pakora, Paneer Pakora, Kuttu Atta Pakoda, Aloo Bread Pakoda, Rice Pakora, Grated Cauliflower pakoda, etc.

  • Baingan Pakoras Recipe

    Baingan pakoras, with soft brinjals inside and spicy crust, is a starter which can be prepared instantly. Everyone relish eating these, especially during winters and rainy season.

  • Bread Pakoda Recipe

    Bread pakoras are made in two ways, either filled with potatoes or without potato fillings. If they are filled with potatoes, they become very big in size, that's why we are preparing them without the potato filling. Let's prepare the Bread Pakora.

  • Vegetable Cutlet Recipe

    On cold winter evenings you need some snack that can be quickly prepared and should be hot and tasty too. Let's make the Vegetable Cutlet today.

  • Paneer Pakoda, Paneer Pakora

    Paneer pakoras are very delicious and moreover they are very easy to make. It also takes little time to make the Paneer Pakoras. Let's make the Paneer Pakora today.

  • Aloo Pakora Recipe

    It is very easy to make Aloo Pakora. It takes less time and can be prepared instantly if you have nay uninvited guests at home or you can pack them in your kid's lunch box. So lets start making Aloo Pakora today.

  • Bajra Til Tikki

    Bajra (Pearl Millet) is used to make Mehri, Khichdi, Bhaat (rice) and many other tasty foods. Hot Bajra chapati is much more tempting than wheat flour chapati. But use of Bajra has reduced nowdays.

    Bajra Sesame Tikki is very delicious. All ingredients, Bajra flour, jaggery and sesame, used to make it keep our bodies warm in winters. Bajra is popular and available in winters and this tikki is also made in winters. Let’s make Bajra tikki today.

  • Raw Jackfruit Cutlet Recipe

    You can have Raw Jack fruit Cutlets for breakfast, as a starter before dinner or whenever you want to. Let us prepare this recipe today.

  • Raw Banana Cutlet/Plantain Cutlet Recipe

    If you feel like having something light before dinner then you can try Raw Banana Cutlet. According to your wish you can make cutlets only with bananas or potatoes with bananas.

    Raw Banana Cutlets can be had on fasts as a fruit diet. If you do not want to eat it as a fruit diet then instead of Sendha salt, plain salt and in place of Singhada or Kattu flour corn starch or gram flour can be used.

  • Vada Sambhar Recipe

    Sambhar Vada is originally a South Indian dish but it is famous all over the world. Puffy Dal Vada dipped in hot Sambhar and its distinctive Indian fragrance has no other alternate.

    You surely go to your favorite restaurant in the city to have Sambhar Vada, Sambhar Idli or Sambhar Dosa. Sambhar Vada can be prepared on Sunday or for guests or whenever you have a small party. So lets prepare start preparing this recipe.

  • Tofu Cutlets

    Tofu Cutlets can be prepared instantly. It is on of the best and nutritious breakfast recipe. It is very easy to make. Just cut the tofu in desired shape and fry it in a non-stick pan. Lets make Tofu Cutlets today in the breakfast menu.

  • Palak Pakoda Recipe

    Fritters are the most easiest and quick recipe. You can make them anytime, especially when you have unplanned guests visiting your house. Monsoon time is the best time to eat fritters made with any vegetable.

    We can make fritters in many ways like cauliflower fritters, potato fritters, brinjal fritters etc. But spinach fritters have its own unique taste. Today we will make Spinach fritters.

  • Singhada – Kuttu Atta Pakoda

    When you feel like having something sweet and salty on your fasts, you can prepare Singhada or Kuttu Atta Pakoda.

  • Golden Fried Baby Corn Recipe

    Make crispy Golden Fried Baby Corn on Sunday morning or everyday for the evening snack with tea. I am sure your kids and family members will like to eat them. So lets make Golden Fried Baby Corn for the evening tea today.

  • Aloo singhada Dahi Vada

    In the series of fruit diet recipes for fasts like during the occasion of Shivratri, Aloo singhada Dahi Vada or Water Chestnut Dahi Vada is a favorite.

  • Aloo Bread Pakoda

    Bread pakora, stuffed with potatoes and coated with gram flour is one of the favorite and special street food in Delhi. This can be prepared on holidays or serve during supper with piping hot tea with chutney or sauce.

  • Paneer Stuffed Bread Rolls

    Paneer bread rolls prepared with peas, spices, paneer stuffing can be prepared for any special occasion or during supper.

  • Cream Cheese Balls Recipe

    Cream Cheese Balls can be served as a starter before you have your meal. You can have it on your holidays or during tea time.

    Outside India potato is not used as a filling for Cream Cheese Balls and they are baked instead of frying. Cream Paneer is not easily available in the market, if you are using Chena or normal Paneer as a substitute then blend properly in a mixer or blender to make a fine powder. Grated Paneer does not help in making same sized balls. The potatoes used in Cream Cheese Balls should be small sized . So let us prepare this recipe.

  • Ram Laddu

    Laddus are normally sweet in taste, but Ram Laddus are salty and sour and are served with green chutney and grated radish. You can easily find Ram Laddu stall in the markets of Delhi.

    Ram Laddu are made with channa dal. Moon dal is used to make Mangoda that are crispy, but Ram Laddu are not very much crisp on the outer layer. Let's make Ram Laddu today.

  • Mushroom Bonda

    Crispy and delicious mushroom bonda’s unique quality is that they are not at all time consuming. While you are preparing tea on one side, mushroom bonda’s can be easily prepared other side and in same duration. Whenever you feel like making quick snack recipe try making mushroom bonda.

  • Rice Pakora Recipe

    Rice is a common recipe made on daily basis at home. Try making Rice Pakodas today, i am sure you will definitely like them. You can use left over rice of lunch time to make Rice Pakoda also. So lets make Rice Pakoda for the evening snack time