Urad Dal Pinni -  Pinni Recipe

Urad Dal Pinni - Pinni Recipe

Punjabi pinni can be prepared with numerous styles. We have already prepared pinni with flax seeds, wheat flour and dry fruits. Today we are making scrumptious urad dal and mawa.


  • Urad dal – ¾ cup (150 grams)
  •     Sugar – 1.5 cup (300 grams)
  •     Mawa – ¾ cup (150 grams)
  •     Ghee – 1 cup (225 grams)
  •     Cardamom powder – 2 tsp
  •     Gum raisins – 2 tbsp
  •     Cashew nuts – 20 to 25
  •     Almonds – 30 to 35
  •     Semolina – ¼ cup (40 grams)

How to make Urad Dal Pinni:-

Clean the urad, wash thoroughly and soak in water for 2 hours. Drain out the excess water and place the soaked mixture jar, along with little water and grind the dal coarsely. Heat some ghee in the pan and keep 50 grams for later use to roast the dry fruits and gum raisins. When the ghee melts, add semolina into it, followed by ground urad dal.

Stir constantly and roast the dal on medium flame. When the dal is roasted well, there is change in color. The dal gets golden brown in color, ghee starts separating from it and you get to smell good aroma. Dal is roasted well, turn off the flame and take out the dal in a plate.

Now roast the mawa. Preheat and add crumbled mawa into it. Stir constantly and roast the mawa on medium flame until it gets little golden brown in color. Take out the mawa in a separate bowl. Cut the cashews and almonds in small chunks. Make 5 to 6 pieces from each cashew and similarly chop the almonds as well. Cut few almonds in two halves.

Now roast the gum raisins in the pan. For this place rest of the ghee in the pan and when the ghee is sufficiently hot, place the gond into it and fry on low flame while stirring constantly. Fry until Gond, puffs up and gets little brown in color. Always fry the gond on medium flame, else it will remain raw from inside. Take out the gond in a plate as well. When the gond cools down, crush it finely using a ladle or rolling pin.

Now roast the cashew and almonds in rest of the ghee until they get little brown in color. Take out the roasted cashews and almonds in a plate.

Now prepare sugar syrup for the pinni. For this take sugar and ½ cup water in a pan and cook until sugar dissolves completely. We need to cook syrup until it gets thick in consistency. When the sugar starts simmering, cook the syrup for 2 to 3 minutes until it gets thick in consistency (to check, take 2 to 3 drops of syrup in a bowl, take it between your thumb and finger and stretch apart. It should form 2 or 1 long thread and is gooey in texture. The syrup is ready). Turn off the flame, sugar syrup is ready.

Now allow the syrup to cool down, slightly. Now mix roasted dal into, followed by roasted cashews, almonds and ground gond. Mix all the ingredients really well and allow the mixture to cool down a little, so that it can be touched with hands.  Now add cardamom powder and mawa in the mixture, followed by rest of the ghee. Mix again and the mixture for making pinni is ready.

Make a lump from the mixture and roll into a round ladoo. Place it on a plate and likewise prepare ladoos from rest of the mixture. Now press these ladoos in a rectangular shape and place two almond chunks over it to garnish. You can make these pinni in rectangular, square or round ladoos as desired.

Scrumptious urad dal mawa pinni is ready. Allow the pinni to cool down and then store it in a air tight container. Relish eating these tempting pinnis for up to a month.


  •  It is very important to roast all the ingredients correctly and mix the ingredients really well.
  •     If you see any dirt in the syrup then add 1 to 2 tbsp milk into it. With this the dirt or impurities can be separated easily from the syrup.
  •     For 18 to 20 pinni
  •     Time – 90 minutes