Braj Makhan Recipe

Braj Makhan Recipe

You can make Braj Makhan on Janmashthami and it is very tasty. It is cools and gives energy to the body. Braj Makhan was a favorite of Lord Krishna, you will also like it. Let us make delicious Braj Makhan today.

Ingredients for Braj Makhan

  •     Milk - 1 liter(full cream)
  •     Curd - 1 tsp
  •     Crystalline Sugar - 100 grams

How to make Braj Makhan

Pour milk in a heavy based utensil and heat it. Boil till 3/4 of thick milk is remains.

Take out boiled milk in a bowl and cool it till you can bear the heat when you dip your finger in it. Put curd in the milk and cover the milk then keep it in a warm place. Curd will will solidify in milk within 6-7 hours.

Place curd on a fat cotton cloth and hang it till water drains out from it, squeeze with your hands and take out all the water then hang it again. Repeat this process 3-4 times. There should not be any water remaining in the curd, keep his curd on a plate then press with a board or with something heavy so that any remaining water comes out.

Remove the Makhan collected in the cloth and blend with your hands. Grind the crystalline sugar into a coarse powder and mix with Makhan properly.

Braj Makhan Ladoos are ready for Lord Krishna's prasad. Offer everyone and eat it yourself.