Sweet Murmura Recipe - Sweet Puffed Rice

Sweet Murmura Recipe - Sweet Puffed Rice

We make bhelpuri and other namkeens from Puffed Rice. But kids also love to eat Sweet Puffed Rice. You can also spread the layer of sugar on Kheel also to make them crunchy. Kids are fond of sweets and nothing better than providing them sweet things to eat made at home itself. Lets make Sweet Murmura - Sweet Borogula today.

Ingredients for Sweet Murmura

  •     Puffed Rice - 4 cup.
  •     Sugar - 2 cup.
  •     Water - 1 cup.

Method - How to make Sweet Murmura - Sweet Borugula

Clean the puffed rice with utmost care and then put them in a big bowl.

Take a pan and put sugar and water into it. Let them boil.

Once the sugar dissolves completely into the water, stir the syrup with the spoon and cook it for 4-5 minutes. Pour a drop of syrup on a plate to check. Once it cools down a bit, take it between your thumb and a finger and see if it sticky or not. If you feel stickiness between your fingers forming a single string. But we have to make a syrup that freezes instantly. So cook the syrup for another 2 minutes stirring it continuously. The moment you feel that the syrup has become extremely thick and forming strings. Turn off the flame.

Pour the syrup over the puffed rice while stirring the rice continuously. Continues stirring of the puffed rice while pouring the syrup forms the cutting of the syrup in each rice. Mix the puffed rice well with the syrup.

Once the syrup gets over, stir the puffed rice again till every grain of it looks separate and fluffy. Let them dry in an open air for 1-2 hours.

Sweet Muamura is ready. You can store them in an air-tight container and eat whenever you like and whenever your kid demands to eat sweets.