Mawa Peda Recipe

Mawa Peda Recipe

Mawa or Khoya is roasted well to make Mawa Peda. The more you will roast the mawa, the more good it would taste and can be stored and consumed for many days. So lets make Mawa Peda today for the sweet.

Ingredients for Mawa Peda:-

  •         Mawa or Khoya - 500 gms (21/2 cup)
  •         Tagar or boora (तगार (बूरा) - 300 gms. (11/2 cup)
  •         Cardamom - 20
  •         Almonds - 4-5

Method - How to make Mawa Peda

Buy good quality mawa from the market and roast it well first on high flame and then on low flame till it turns light pink in colour. It takes time to roast the mawa, but the taste of the recipe gets better after roasting.

You can roast this mawa in a microwave also. break the mawa into pieces and put it into microwave safe bowl. Keep the bowl in the microwave without covering it for 2 minutes. Open the microwave after 2 minutes and stir the mawa with the spoon. Re-microwave it for another 2 minutes and roast it. Again take out the bowl from the microwave, stir it and microwave it again for 2 minutes. You will see that the mawa is roasted well now.

Let the mawa cool down and then add tagar and 10 cardamom to it. Mixture to make pede is ready. Tagar is also known as boora in some places. It feels and looks like sooji. You can make tagar at home with sugar.

Peel the remaining 10 cardamom and take out the seeds from it, also chop the almonds and put it in a separate bowl.

Put the mixture in a molder and press it to make a peda. You can also make the peda with your hands. Apply little oil on your palms and take a small portion of the mixture. Roll it in round shape and press it between your hands to form a flat peda. Or you can put the mixture in the molder, press it with your fingers to give it a shape and then take it out in your palms. Garnish it with 3-4 cardamom and chopped almonds. Press the garnishing with hands so it settles down over the peda. I do not have a molder at home, and if you also don't have it then you can use a bottle cap, or any 11/2 or 1 inch round shaped object.

Now grease a tray and keep all the pedas in it. Leave the tray in an open air for 1-2 hours so that it dries.

Your Mawa Peda is ready. Sere them fresh and store the remaining in an air-tight container that can be consumed for a week. You can also add yellow food colour and kesar to the recipe or any flavored essence into it.