Vrat Recipes

India is a land of differing cultures that have evolved over an interval of Centuries. Time has brought us together and intermixed our differences into a connecting thread. Many festivals are celebrated in India across the country but with their own traditional shades of flavors. Here you can get all the Vrat recipes and get the process to make the recipes. Just try for the following recipes on this festivals Lauki Burfi/Bottle Gourd Burfi, Sabudana Khichdi, Sago Upma, Pumpkin Barfi, Sabudana Namkeen, Shivratri Vrat, Jackfruit Seeds Halwa, Paneer Dahi Vada, Makhana Chikki, Mewa ki Kheer, Tapioca Patties, Aloo Ka Halwa, Coconut sweet, Kuttu Atta Poori, Doodhi ka halwa Bottle Gourd Halwa, etc.

  • Aloo Ka Halwa Recipe – Potato Halwa

    People eat potato mostly during Navratris. They make it in the different forms such as fried potatoes or boiled potato. They can make potato Halwa too in the Navratri. It is luscious in taste and you can make in few minutes too. Let's see the recipe of potato halwa.

  • Dhania Panjiri

    Dhaniya Panjiri Prasad is eaten when one is on fast and is allowed to eat fruits. Normally, Panjiri is made from wheat flour so it is not taken as prasad but Panjiri is the first thing people eat to break fasts.
    Dhania Panjiri is specially eaten on Janmashthami to break one's fast. You can make and eat Dhaniya(coriander) Panjiri whenever you feel like, it is very tasty and nutritious.

  • Tapioca Patties

    Saboodana Vada is very delicous and very popular in India during fasting. Let's make the Saboodana Vada.

  • Muskmelon Seeds Namkeen

    Namkeen prepared with melon seeds is different is taste and can be prepared instantly. This can also be prepared for fast (vrats).

  • Samvat Rice Kheer

    You can make various recipes with Samvat Rice (Vrat ke Chawal). Today we will prepare Kheer with Samvat Rice. It is easy to cook and gives you enough nutrition and energy at the time of fast (vrat).

  • Singhada Katli Recipe

    Singhada Katli (Water chestnut sweet ) is usually prepared and eaten when fasting on the occasion of Shivratri or vrat .This sweet is very delicious. Let's make the Water Chestnut Sweet.