Amla Juice Recipe - Gooseberry Juice Recipe

Amla Juice Recipe - Gooseberry Juice Recipe

Amla ( Gooseberry) is rich in Iron and Vitamins. Regular intake of Gooseberry juice helps in digestion, brings glow to the skin and hair, it even prevents hair from getting white. You can take out Amla Juice and can even store and preserve it to use after the season.

Ingredients for Gooseberry (Amla) Juice

  • Goosberry (Amla) - 1 kg. ( 28 - 30)

Method - How to make Gooseberry Juice at Home

Cut Amla into small pieces and take out the seeds.

Now put as many pieces as you can in a mixing jar and make a paste. Add more pieces of gooseberry into the paste and make a fine paste from it. Take a clean cloth and put this paste into it. Wrap the cloth and squeeze it with hand to take out the juice in a bowl. Keep the pulp in a separate bowl.

Now put this extracted goosberry juice in the mixer along with rest of the goosberry pieces to make a fine paste. It is easy to make a paste of goosberries with a liquid substance, rather than mixing dry goosberries into the mixer. By mixing goosberry juice with the goosberry pieces you will be able to make a fine paste.

Again take a cloth and put this mixture in it. Squeeze it tightly with hands to get the juice out of it. Put the pulp in the pulp bowl.

Repeat the steps unless all the gooseberry pieces are used up. 1 kg. Amla can get you approximately 600-700 gms of juice.

Refrigerate the juice in a glass or plastic  container. You can store and use this juice for 15 days.

How to Preserve Gooseberry Juice

To preserve gooseberry juice the quantity of the juice should be equal to the capacity of the jar. Take 500 gms of juice and fill it into a 500 gms capacity glass or a plastic container with 2 table spoon Sodium Lactate and mix it well. You can preserve this juice  in the refrigerator for 8-10 months.

Sodium Lactate can be bought from any chemist or any stores that sell food chemicals.

You can also preserve the juice in the form of ice cubes.

How to use Gooseberries Juice

Whenever you want to use the preserved goosberry juice, take 2 table spoon juice or 1 ice-cube and mix it in warm water with 2 tea spoon honey. You can also substitute honey with black salt.

How to use Fresh Gooseberries for Juice

Take out the seeds from 2 goosberries and cut into small pieces. Grind these pieces in the grinder with little water and make a paste. Mix this paste in 1 cup water and sieve it. Add 2 tea spoon honey or a pinch of black salt into the juice and drink it fresh.