Apple Murabba Recipe - Seb ka Murabba Recipe

Apple Murabba Recipe - Seb ka Murabba Recipe

Apple murabba is very nutritious and full of minerals and vitamins which are really soothing. Apples should be soaked in syrup completely to have a longer shelf life.

Ingredients for Apple Murabba Recipe

Apple – 8 (800 grams)
Sugar – 5 cups (1 kg)
Lemon – 2
Cardamom powder – ½ tsp

How to make Seb ka Murabba

Wash the apples thoroughly for making the murabba. Peel the apples with the help of a peeler and remove the stalk. Drench the apples in water so that they don’t turn black in color.
Take enough water in a vessel to drench the apples completely. Place this vessel over flame for heating and when the water starts simmering, place the apples in it.Cook until apples get soft. After boiling the apples for 15 minutes, check them. Apples have turned soft, turn off the flame and take them out of water.
Use the leftover water for making the sugar syrup. For this, take 1 cup sugar in another vessel and add 3 to 4 cups of water into it. Cook until sugar dissolves in water. 
Now place the apples into the sugar syrup and cook until syrup gets thick in consistency like honey. Check the syrup. For this, take 1 to 2 drops of syrup in a bowl, stick to your thumb and forefinger and stretch apart. There should be formation of 2 threads in the syrup. If there is no formation of two threads, but the thread is long enough, then the syrup is ready.
Turn off the flame and keep the apples soaked in sugar syrup as it so that they get the sweetness. Mix lemon juice in the syrup and mix. Also add cardamom powder as well and mix well. Keep the apples soaked in sugar syrup for 2 days and stir once in a day with a spoon. After 2 days, scrumptious apple murabba gets ready.
This tempting murabba can be stored in refrigerator for 2 months. If you wish to store it for a longer time period then take 1 tsp acetic acid or benzoic acid in a little amount of syrup and mix well. Now mix this syrup to the whole murabba.


If you overcook the apples in water, they might dissolve. So, cook until they turn slightly soft.
Sugar syrup should not be too thick or too thin in consistency. Sugar syrup with one or two thread consistency is appropriate for murabba.
If the syrup appears too thin, even after 2 days, then cook it for a few more minutes and if the syrup is too thick then add 2 to 3 tbsp water to it and cook for a while. Apples should be soaked in syrup completely to have a longer shelf life.