Bajre ka Bhat Recipe

Bajre ka Bhat Recipe

Cook Bajra(millet) rice at least once during the winter season. Preparing Bajra rice requires a lot of your hard work and time.

Ingredients for Bajre ka Bhat

Bajra grain - 300 grams
Rice - 1 tbsp
Ghee - 1 tbsp
Water - 750 grams

How to make Bajre ke Bhat

Check Bajra for impurities and clean. Add some water to soak it. Now put Bajra in a mortar and beat it till all the hay is separated from it. Check and clean the Bajra from hay. Clean, pretty Bajra grains are ready to make Bajra rice. Most of the hard work and time is put into preparing the Bajra grains.
Pour water in a cooker and heat. Also put Ghee and stir, close the cooker's lid. Let 1 whistle go off then cook Bajra rice on a low flame for 8 minutes. Turn off the gas.
Once all of the pressure is released from the cooker, open its lid. Your Bajra rice is ready and the smells heavenly.
Take out Bajra rice in a bowl. Serve hot Bajra rice with Kadi Pakore, curd or Arhar dal and enjoy your dish.