Corn Flaky Biscuits

Corn Flaky Biscuits

Corn dishes help in protecting us from cold in winters. Let's make the corn flakes biscuits to eat along with the evening's tea.

Ingredients for Corn Flaky Biscuits

  •     Corn flour – 500 gm
  •     Salt – 1 ½ small spoon
  •     Carom seed – 2 small spoon
  •     Oil – to fry

How to make Corn Flaky Biscuits(Makke ki Mathri)

Filter corn flour in a big plate. Mix salt, carom seed and 2 tablespoon oil in the flour. Knead a soft dough with lukewarm water. Leave the dough covered for half an hour. Mash the dough so that it becomes soft.

Put oil in a frying pan and heat it. Take out a small lump from the dough and shape it like a ball. Flatten it a little with both hands. Now put it in the hot oil. Put 5 to 6 dough pieces in the frying pan at one time. Fry the dough pieces on a medium flame, while turning them. Take them out in a plate when they turn brown. Like this fry the entire dough into small flat pieces.

The delicious Corn flaky Biscuits are now ready to serve and eat. Put the remaining biscuits in an air tight container and they will last for about 1 month.