Jalebi Recipe

Jalebi Recipe

All people are fond of hot jalebi. It is made from white flour and rice powder. But we find jalebi made from dry fruits in some of the towns of Madhya Pradesh. Jalebi made at home are even more tasty. Today we will prepare the jalebi made from maida.

Ingredients for Jalebi:-

  •     Maida (White flou)r - 200 gm or two small bowls
  •     Water - 2 bowls
  •     Yeast - 1/2 spoon
  •     Ghee - To fry

Ingredients for Chasani:-

  •     Sugar - 400 gm
  •     Water - 200 gm
  •     Milk - 1 table spoon
  •     Kesar - 1 chutki (about 1/5 teaspoon)

How to make Jalebi:-

Soak the granules of yeast in warm water for 10 to 12 minutes. Mix yeast in the water. Put yeast liquid and flour in a bowl. Add more water and mix and stir it in the flour. The resulting liquid mixture should not be too thick or too thin. Leave this liquid mixture covered for 12 hours. Within 12 hours this liquid will be fermented and will be ready for making the jalebi.

For the preparation of jalebi, first of all prepare the sweet syrup for it. Method for preparation of the syrup is given further below.

Stir the fermented flour adequately. For making jalebi, the frying pan is different. It should be bigger and with lesser height.

Heat ghee in the frying pan. For preparation of the jalebi a special cloth or box is available in the market. We can also use a normal milk's plastic bag.

Put the fermented flour mixture in the box or bag and put it's stream, in circular motion, in the frying pan. After they turn pinkish, take out the fried jalebis and submerge them in the sweet syrup. After 5 minutes, take the jalebis out, from the syrup and put them in a plate.

Jalebis are ready, enjoy the hot Jalebis.

How to make Chasani (Sugar Surup):-

Make a solution of sugar and water and heat it in a utensil. Pour milk after the liquid starts boiling. Remove wastage from the solution by a frying spoon. This syrup becomes transparent. Now sprinkle kesar leaves on this syrup. Prepare the sweet syrup with thickness or stickiness. It takes 8 to 10 minutes to prepare the syrup.