Missi Poori - Missi Puri Recipe

Missi Poori - Missi Puri Recipe

Missi puri are softer and delicious. These are suitable for special occasions and to take them along while traveling. 

Ingredients for Missi Puri :

  • Wheat flour – 300 gm
  • Gram flour – 150 gm
  • Salt – one small spoon
  • Cumin seed – one small spoon
  • Oil – To fry the puris

How to make Missi Puri :

Filter both flours in a utensil. Mix salt, cumin seed and one tablespoon oil in the flour. With luke warm water knead a semi hard dough. Leave the dough covered for half an hour.
Mash the dough to make it soft. Take out a small lump from the dough and flatten it like a disk in 3 to 4 inches diameter. Put the flattened dough into hot oil for frying. Keep turning the puris, while frying, till they turn brown. Spread napkin on a plate and keep the fried puris on it. Like this fry all the puris.
The Missi Puri is now ready to serve and eat along with your favorite vegetable preparation, pickle or chutney.