Navratri Recipes

Navratri Recipes

We keep 9 days fast during Navratri and eat only after the sunset. One has to eat only vegetarian food during Navratri and that to without onion and garlic.

India is a diversifies country and each place have its own tradition and rules of fasting. In some regions people eat normal salt in during fasting with less spices like red chilli powder, cumin seeds, turmeric powder. In some places lahori salt is used i.e a special kind of salt used to make food during fasts. Some people prefer to eat curd, dry fruits, milk, potatoes etc.
What all are the recipes that we can cook during 9 days of fasting? We have prepared a list of recipes that can be made in the ocassion like these. Name of all recipes are givern bellow :-
  •     Singhada - Kuttu Ataa Pakoda
  •     Aloo singhada Dahi Vada
  •     Singhada Miti Katli
  •     Sabudana khichdi
  •     Gajar Ki Kheer
  •     Gajar Halwa Receipe
  •     Saboodana Vada
  •     Nariyal Pag
  •     Bhigi Pag
  •     Mewa Kheer Recipe
  •     Lauki ka halwa
  •     Samvat Rice Vrat Rice Recipe
  •     Aloo Ka Halwa Recipe - Potato Halwa
  •     Kuttu Atta Poori