Til Ke Ladoo Recipe

Til Ke Ladoo Recipe

Sesame seeds ladoos and daal ke mangode are traditional foods prepared on Sankranti. Let’s make Sesame seeds Ladoo!

Ingredients for Til Ke Ladoo:-

  •     Sesame seeds (Til) – 500 grams (washed white sesame seeds)
  •     Dried Milk (Mawa) – 500 grams
  •     Sugar – 500 grams
  •     Cashew (Kaju) – 100 grams (Cut each cashew in 6-7 pieces)

How To make Til Ke Ladoo:-

Clean sesame.
Heat a karai (wok) and roast sesame on flame till they turn brown (Sesame are roasted very quickly, making a crackling sound). Cool and grind in a mixer.

Roast dried milk in another karai till it turns brown. You can also use a microwave for the same.

Grind sugar finely in the mixer.

Mix ground sesame, dried milk, ground sugar and cashew well. Ladoo mix is ready. Make ladoos of any shape and size from this mixture (You can make ladoos like a table tennis ball or a larger size).

Your sesame ladoos are ready. Fresh ladoos are yummy and they can be stored for 15-20 days.