Til Patti Recipe - Til Gur Patti Recipe

Til Patti Recipe - Til Gur Patti Recipe

Jaggery is a rich source of iron & protein. You can try making Til (sesame) Patti in winters at home.

 Ingredients :-

  •     Til (sesame) - 200 gms. (2 cup)
  •     Jaggery - 200 gms. (small pieces, 2 cup)
  •     Ghee - 2 tea spoon.
  •     Pistachios - 6-7

 Method :-

Clean the sesame seeds and cut the pistachios in small pieces.

Heat a heavy broad surface pan over a flame and put the sesame seeds in it. Roast the seeds on medium flame until they are brown. Do not over roast the seeds, else thay can become bitter in taste. Once the seeds are roasted well take them out on a plate, let them cool down and then grind in the mixer.

Grease the kitchen top or a wooden board.

Pour 1 tea spoon ghee into the pan and melt the jaggery pieces into it. Once the jaggery pieces melts down cook them for another 2 minutes while stirring them continuously. Put the ground sesame seeds into it and mix well.

Take the mixture in a ladle and spread it on the greased area. make sure that the mixture is hot, cold mixture will set in few seconds and you will not be able to roll it on the board. Apply ghee on your hands and spread the mixture on the board giving it a square shape. Put the pistachios on the mixture and press with hands again to fix them.

Grease the roller with ghee and roll out the mixture increasing its size in the same shape. Cut the rolled out patti with a knife in desired shape. Let the patti cool down.

After the patti cools down pick uop each piece from the board with the help of a knife. Tasty and healthy Til Patti is ready. You can store the pieces in an air-tight container and eat whenever you like.